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3 amazing Facebook Live tips for real estate agents and real estate agents professionals. Start your video campaign with my best scripts, templates and tools:


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Real estate agents: you own the weekends. Open houses … signs in the corners. I am full of energy when I see you busy and I want to show you how to increase your visibility by 1000% so that your prospects can see the hard work you do and I will show you how doing so could replace all your other Marketing Efforts.

It's called LIVE video on Facebook. You may have heard of that.

As a real estate agent, take advantage of this technology to capture the moments you want your customers to see. Go live regularly so that your community knows you as a reliable voice in everything related to real estate, homes and the like.

Here are 3 tips for using live video as a real estate agent

LIVE LIVE anywhere: you can live live when you are in an open house, buying light bulbs in the house deposit or putting up posters on a Saturday morning. Take 10 minutes to show your prospects and customers that YOU ARE WORKING FOR THEM. All you need is a mobile device so there are no technical obstacles.

Don't worry about the viewers: at first you won't get many LIVE viewers, so don't worry. It's about repetition anyway. Once you have finished your video, you will get many more views and you can insert in your blog, share on social networks or send an email …

Have a structure: move your viewers through a beginning, middle and end. Start by telling your viewers what you are going to talk about and why. In the end, invite them to visit their website or Facebook page. Tell them when you will live again. Having a simple frame will keep your content moving.

The structure and format will separate the wheat from the straw, so get my scripting template, tools and more in the Video Marketing Toolkit for Realtors. The link is in the post.

Remember that the next time you are completing paperwork, waiting for a client to arrive at your home or preparing a bath, take your phone. LIVE LIVE on Facebook and show your audience how hard you work. Teach them something new, something useful.

It will increase your visibility, increase your credibility and have more customers.


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