Red Sox suspends clubhouse attendant who is accused of raping teen boys

<pre><pre>Red Sox suspends clubhouse attendant who is accused of raping teen boys

CONCORD, NH – One of two men who repeatedly raped a teenager in the New Hampshire juvenile detention center in the late 1990s worked as a club clerk for the Boston Red Sox who suspended him when the club learned of the allegations. The team announced The Associated Press on Monday.

Stephen Murphy of Danvers, Massachusetts was indicted in July for 26 serious physical injuries. He and Jeffrey Buskey from Boston are accused of sexually abusing and beating the boy at the Sununu Youth Services Center in Manchester, where they worked as youth counselors.

“When we heard about the allegations against Stephen Murphy regarding events prior to his employment at Red Sox, he was suspended from his position without payment. We will not receive any further comments in the future, ”spokesman Kevin Gregg said in a statement to the AP.

It is not the first time that the Red Sox clubhouse has been linked to sexual abuse. In 2002, retired Red Sox clubhouse manager Donald J. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty in Florida because four boys were younger than 12.

Rus Rilee, who represents the New Hampshire prosecutor, said his client had suffered "horrific abuse" by the former advisers. According to the charges, Buskey – who is facing 56 charges – is accused of sexually penetrating the teenager and forcing him to have oral sex, even at gunpoint. Several charges also allege that Buskey hit, beat, and threw the boy on a mattress.

Murphy's lawyer, Bruce Kenna, did not return a call on Monday to receive a comment. In July, he said his client did not know the victim and denied the allegations or "anything related to anyone no matter who the accuser was or when it happened".

In an interview with Lowell Sun in 2010, Murphy said he worked as a special education teacher in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and as a basketball coach at Woburn High School when he joined Red Sox in 2007.

Murphy was categorized as 50 and Buskey as 52 in a July 2019 press release from the Attorney General.

"My customer hopes that Mr. Murphy, in his role as assistant to the clubhouse, has had no unattended contact with other young boys," said Rilee on Monday.

The club house maintainers are responsible for everything from getting food to go for players to packing their bats and other street gear. The "club bies" hang the daily uniform in the lockers before the game and then collect the dirty laundry.

The alleged assaults in New Hampshire in the so-called Youth Development Center occurred between late October 1997 and late September 1998 while the teenager was detained, although several of the allegations of alleged assault were committed in a private household against Buskey.

The allegations prompted a comprehensive investigation by the New Hampshire Attorney General in central Manchester, serving children aged 13-17 who were brought into a safe institutional environment by the juvenile justice system.

It used to be home to more than 100 teenagers, but the daily census has dropped from 60 to under 30 in recent years when the state law was changed to focus only on those accused or convicted of serious violence.

Twenty men have accused Fitzpatrick, the former Red Sox clubhouse manager, of sexually assaulting her while he worked for the team from 1964 to 1991 when he resigned after a man entered a game in Anaheim, California Fitzpatrick sexually assaulted me. "

Part of the abuse took place in the Red Sox clubhouse in Fenway Park and in their spring training home, which was then in Winter Haven, Florida.

Fitzpatrick's prosecutors sued the Red Sox and claimed $ 100 million. The team came to terms with seven other victims in 2003. Fitzpatrick died in 2005 at the age of 76 when he served a 10-year suspended sentence in the Florida case.