Red Sox's John Henry, Sam Kennedy: World Series won “absolutely” fair

<pre><pre>Red Sox's John Henry, Sam Kennedy: World Series won “absolutely” fair

Red Sox Brass did its best to avoid questions about the MLB's ongoing investigation into allegations of fraud related to its team that won the 2018 World Series. However, they were firmly convinced that the championship is legitimate.

During a press conference on Wednesday regarding the dismissal of manager Alex Cora, Sox owners John Henry and President Sam Kennedy both said Boston 2018 won the 2018 series "absolutely" fair to the Dodgers.

This was by far the strongest feeling that was expressed during a 50-minute press conference in which the regular waiver of Sox brass – which included Chairman Tom Werner and Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom – was not one Opinion on the 2018 Red Sox investigation or the 2017 Astros while asking fans to judge the 18 Sox until MLB's investigation is complete.

The dismissal was purely due to Cora's role in the Astros fraud scheme.

"It was ultimately an easy decision for the Red Sox and Alex," said Kennedy, referring to the line that the two sides agreed to separate.

Werner said the team had a responsibility to adhere to standards that played a role in Cora's fall, but he and his colleagues still had high praise for Cora.

"(Cora) admitted that what he did was wrong, but that doesn't diminish the extraordinary talent he has and we continue to love Alex very much," said Werner.

Kennedy declined to answer whether Cora was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement when he left, and said he would "not expect the standard contract language to deviate from the next manager of the team".

Regarding manager candidates, Bloom said the team had just started the search and was considering internal candidates. One possible option is to do a post-season with an interim manager for 2020 to do a search by season.

"We haven't ruled out anything," Bloom said to an interim manager. "It's definitely premature to say that we wouldn't consider that."