Reporter Jasmyn Fritz calls drunken colleagues on Twitter for scary news



A sports radio host went to Twitter to share the creepy news she received from a male colleague.

Jasmyn Fritz, who lives in Raleigh, NC, moderates the Sports Shop Radio Show and the podcast Topics & Takes according to her Twitter biography. she tweeted a screenshot the annoying news that a "drunk" reporter sent after posting an Instagram photo of herself in a black dress.

"What is the best way to suck your tit?" Was one of the messages. He reportedly continued, "And take your left cheek" and "Damn, you're fine."

The next message is dated the next morning at 8:27 am and reads: "Whoa Holy F – K, I was drunk."

It is unclear whether the two work together for different news organizations or cover the University of North Carolina.

"We cover the same team. And now we have an uncomfortable working environment, ”tweeted Fritz with the picture. "Stop sending these messages. Check your friends who are sending these messages. Check for yourself whether you are sending these messages. "

Fritz obscured the name of the suspect in the message and not his identity to explain that she also said "wrong and stupid things beforehand."

Fritz added that anyone could send her a message if they were worried "who should be avoided".

"There is no responsibility and no excuse," she wrote. "He literally thinks it's okay because he was drunk."

Another female sports organizer replied to a comment The thread said that she "could confirm that this was a repeat offender."