Rob Gronkowski is ready to see Tom Brady's free testing agency


Add Rob Gronkowski's name to the list of players concerned with Tom Brady's uncertain future.

Former Patriots Tight End, who hung his studs after nine seasons last March, spoke about Brady Tuesday in Miami.

"He's been playing for a long time and just as he plays, at what level he plays, he definitely deserves the opportunity to go out and test the market," said Gronkowski. according to NESN,

"You've never done that in your career," continued Fox Sports personality. "For the first time, he's going to be a free agent that is so good for him, testing the market and then doing the best for himself. That is the decision he has to make, what is best for himself, what for his family is best. "

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Brady has spent his 20 year career in New England and patriot owner Robert Kraft – let alone the greater Boston area – has made it clear that he is not ready to let him go. However, should Brady end up with another team, Gronkowski said it was "strange" to see his friend in a different uniform.

"It's always strange no matter who the player is," said Gronkowski. "It's always strange at first, but you know everyone gets used to it after a while, but it would definitely be strange."

Unlike Gronkowski, seasoned quarterback Joe Montana advised against moving to a later date.

"Not – if you don't have to," Montana told NFL Network last week. "It's a process that you have to go through and it takes time to get used to the team."

When Brady hits the market in March, he will join a growing list of free agent quarterbacks, including Philip Rivers and Marcus Mariota.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski
Tom Brady and Rob GronkowskiGetty Images