Rob Gronkowski on Super Bowl 2020, Tom Brady's future odd dinner guests


Rob Gronkowski is retired and the Patriots are not in the Super Bowl, but of course Gronk. Before Gronkowski hosts a Super Bowl bash like few others, he raises a few questions from Steve Serby at the Post:

Q: Who do you like in the Super Bowl?

A: If the offense rolls in Kansas City and they collect points on every trip, they will undoubtedly win the game. Because this offense is spectacular, they have so many weapons from (Travis) Kelce to (Tyreek) Hill all over the field. But if for some reason your offense doesn't click, San Fran will take it over and take advantage of it and win the game.

Q: So you don't make a choice?

A: So what do I think, I think the insult will be a click for Kansas City? I do, so I'm going to Kansas City.

Question: "High Score Game?"

A: I would rather say that it is a highscoring game than usual.

Q: A little over thirty?

A: Low 30s to high 20s.

Q: Patrick Mahomes?

A: I feel like Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, (Deshaun) Watson, they all change the game.

Q: When do you watch Mahomes throw the ball?

A: Only his arm. His arm is spectacular. It is incredible to see such an arm, how far it can throw the ball and how precise it is at the same time, it is just incredible.

Q: Your favorite Super Bowl memories?

A: Oh man, win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 49 v Seattle. Scored a touchdown on a crossfade up to a selection by Malcolm Butler.

Question: "Did you have the Lombardi Trophy?"

A: I have to hold it, yes.

Q: How was that?

A: It was fantastic. I have to kiss it, hold it in the air. It was a beautiful day.

Rob Gronkowski
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Do you remember how you saw the Giants Super Bowl 42 against the patriots?

A: It was my first Super Bowl I ever went to. It was in Phoenix (Glendale), I was in U of A (Arizona), my father had tickets and he brought me to the game.

Do you think Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer?

A: Yes. To play this position for so long and have two Super Bowl championships, he should definitely be considered, if not in the Hall of Fame. And playing for so long is just great because it takes a lot of passion and the ability to keep going year after year, especially after the tenth and twelfth years, just to stay up to date so high of a level.

Q: What do you notice about the second Patriots loss against the Giants?

A: Just feel like losing. I put all this work into this game and lost it, but it gave me the passion to definitely go back there.

Q: So you know the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

A: Yes exactly. I lost two of them.

Q: What do you remember about Jimmy Garoppolo when he was your teammate?

A: How he could put the ball in his pocket wherever he needed to. By bag I mean, wherever the position is, the ball has to be put in. And his passports are so soft.

Q: Tom Brady on the chargers, does that fit well?

A: Brady is a good fit anywhere because he can take his game anywhere and it suits any team.

Q: He will be 43 next August.

A: Yes, that's fine, the guy doesn't age.

Q: Patriot fans want him to stay.

A: Of course Patriot fans want him to stay. He's a legend there, of course he's the best ever and the best quarterback ever.

Q: What do you remember about Joe Judge?

A: Joe Judge is a great guy. He's crazy in a good way. … He doesn't take s-t, which is good.

Q: Do you think he'll be a good head coach in New York?

A: I think he will be a great head coach. I think he will bring it, he will bring the attitude that must be. It's a positive attitude, but it's also a reinforcement to bring it to the table.

Q: Crazy in a good way?

A: Oh man, he has a lot of good jokes. A lot of good jokes. I was in a special team meeting and he made me laugh for five minutes! But at the same time this guy keeps the WHOLE face.

Q: Give me a joke.

A: Ah no, you can ask him when you talk to him. You can say, "Yo, says Gronk, tell me a joke."

Q: Do you have an X rating?

A: You are everywhere.

Q: Are they jokes?

A: Everything. All things.

Q: He says it with a straight face?

A: Oh, serious face. He'll never laugh. He'll never laugh. But it is funny. That makes it even better.

Q: Could you see that he had a good relationship with (Bill) Belichick?

A: Oh yes, I would say he had a great relationship. He loves playing football, loves training. And if you love playing football and exercising, you have a great relationship.

Q: What is the difference between Travis Kelce and George Kittle?

A: One plays on K.C., the other on San Fran. … Oh!, The difference in your playing style?

Q: Hey, I'm going to break the jokes here.

A: Oh all right, I understand.

Q: You nod to Kittle because he reminds you of you?

A: I would say Kelce is more fluid. He's more of a route runner, he's more of a broad receiver tight end. And Kelce offers the option of expanding the field at any time from any location in the field. And Kittle, feels more like an old-fashioned ending. It gets dirty in the trenches. His all-round game is enormous. He is ready to block at any time and ready to get dirty.

Question: "Your mentality in the field?"

A: I just wanted to bring the house down. By that I mean whenever I got the ball I just wanted to score. … You have to bring this passion to the field, especially in the trenches. You have to go out to yourself with a certain attitude, with a certain meanness. You have to put this anger on the table to block the boys in the trenches, but you also need to bring that … the smooth, Rico Suave-like feel to the passing game. You have to have both – you have to have this meanness, but you also have to have this polite feeling in the tight end position.

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Q: Who did you compete with the most?

A: I'm going with Suggs, Terrell Suggs. When I was a beginner, he was violent in the second year and always brought it with me. Just the way he got off the ball, the garbage he was talking about, and being so young and knowing it's Terrell Suggs in front of you, it's a different ball game.

Q: What percentage do you come back to play soccer for?

A: Wow. I was taught never to give a percent.

Q: Who taught you that?

A: Trainer Belichick. He said never give percentages, yes.

Q: Is this door open?

A: Yes, the door will always be open. I like to train, I like to compete, so if one day I think of it, I won't close the door completely. There is a chance – what is the film "Dumb and Dumber"? So you say that there is a chance (smile). I use that every time. So one in a million: So you're saying that there is a chance.

Q: Do you miss the game?

A: Yes, in a way. In ways.

Q: What about acting for you?

A: I just go with the flow. Whatever comes to me, I don't push anything.

Q: Boyhood Idol?

A: I was in Buffalo, so I'm a fan of Buffalo Bills. I loved watching Eric Molds play Wide Receiver, and then Takeo Spikes loved his name on the linebacker, but also loved his game.

Q: When I just landed from Mars what some people think I just got from …

A: Yes, I think so too. Oh yes, you are definitely from Mars (laughs).

Q: Hey, I don't want to be earthlings like you.

A: You are right. OK, I take it, man. Like me – everyone thinks I'm crazy. You are right, you have to have your own identity.

Q: I want to be different. I don't want to be like everyone else.

A: Exactly. I like this.

Q: So I'm coming down from Mars: who is this Bill Belichick? Describe him for me.

A: Just passion and love for the soccer game. And just passion for winning.

Q: He's kidding too, but isn't he as funny as Joe Judge?

A: Depending on the situation, but overall Joe Judge is certain to win this category.

Q: Has Belichick ever made a joke that made people laugh?

A: Oh yes, sure.

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Q: Can you think of something?

A: Yes. Many things come to mind.

Q: Can you share that?

A: Can I share that? What happens in the locker room and so on, I like to keep it in the locker room.

Q: honey badger?

A: The guy is all over the field. That makes him special. And it's special because he's small, but it shows that you don't even have to be the biggest man in the field, you just have to have that passion.

Q: The 49ers in front four?

A: Great … They're not the biggest guys. That's what makes them special is their speed. They're not big guys that you know you have to move with force. You have speed, which is a different kind of ball game. That's what makes them so special: if four people are that fast, they'll get to the quarterback faster. It's all about this.

Q: Three dinner guests?

A: Wow. Pamela Anderson, then. … Arnold Schwarzenegger – he could steal Pamela – but that's fine, I'm a good guy, I would let him steal her. Oh, happy Gilmore. How he comes as Happy Gilmore.

Q: Favorite food?

A: My mother's chicken souffle.

Q: Favorite singer / entertainer?

A: I go with J-Lo because it's just so consistent and brings it with me every time?

Q: Is it the halftime show?

A: Exactly. And she's 50 and still destroys it.

Q: Favorite actor?

A: Leonardo (DiCaprio).

Q: Favorite actress?

A: Jennifer Aniston.

Q: Why should I go to Gronks Beach Party on Saturday?

A: What do you mean, why should you go? This is party number 1. We have six performers – we have Diplo, Carnage, 3Lau, Kaskade, we have Rick Ross, we have Flo Rida, they will all perform. I'm the host, so I'm going to find out my role throughout the party, but I'm bringing a lot of different roles to the party game, you know, I'm going to dance. There will be so many players, lots of great people coming to the party, and on top of that, I mean, who hasn't seen my dance moves? So who doesn't want to participate?

Q: So will I drop your name when I get there?

A: Yes, definitely. The guy from Mars.

Q: Thank you very much, Gronk.

A: All right man, thanks Mars. I remember you as Mars.