Rob Manfred 'uncomfortable' with double roles from Jessica Mendoza, Pedro Martinez

<pre><pre>Rob Manfred 'uncomfortable' with double roles from Jessica Mendoza, Pedro Martinez

ORLANDO – When do Pedro Martinez and Jesisca Mendoza speak as baseball team officials and when do they speak as media representatives? And how exactly do they not speak for both employers all the time?

After a bit of back and forth, Rob Manfred admitted that he is essentially as confused as the rest of us.

Martinez, a Red Sox specialist who also works for the MLB network, and Mendoza, a Mets baseball operations consultant who also works for ESPN, recently criticized A & # 39; s pitcher Mike Fiers for making the 2017 Astros public accused of illegally stealing signs from opponents. Fiers' comments, published by The Athletic, played a pivotal role in triggering Manfred's investigation, which eventually sentenced the Astros to crime.

"People have a right to have their own views on issues," said the baseball commissioner at the conclusion of the meetings of major league baseball owners. "Personally, I'm a type of transparency. I think healthy organizations tend to be transparent. I disagree with the idea that someone should be picked out because they saw something wrong and decided to talk about it."

When asked whether he had contacted Martinez, Mendoza, or the teams they work for to express his disappointment, Manfred replied: “The way they spoke, whether they spoke as journalists or club employees, I think we did were satisfied with their comments were made in their role as journalists. And with everyone we have a relationship with, we don't really try to control what they say in this role as a media person. So the short answer is no, we are not reaching. "

When asked whether he felt comfortable with such people when they chose their "mode", Manfred, contrary to common sense, always represented everyone who paid them: "Let me give you a short answer: No. I am not so good with it, I really am not, but it is a subject that is being discussed internally. As you know, it causes a lot of complications, not just with this particular incident or with comments, but in general . "

The Mets also employ MLB Network analyst Al Leiter as a baseball operations consultant.