Rob Manfred will warn MLB teams of the fall of Astros hits

<pre><pre>Rob Manfred will warn MLB teams of the fall of Astros hits

Baseball throwers may check their calendars to see when they have a chance to retaliate against the Astros for fraud, but Rob Manfred tries to address the problem.

The MLB commissioner said in an interview with ESPN that he would send a memo this week warning the teams about throwing Astros clubs and noting that the punishment would be more severe.

"We have been working on a memorandum for some time about how to be hit by pitches and how to intentionally throw Batters," Manfred said to ESPN's Karl Ravech. "It's really dangerous, really dangerous, and regardless of the Astros investigation we're going to publish earlier this week, a hit memorandum that will increase the impact of this kind of behavior."

Manfred said he would also meet with every MLB manager in the next few days, and the problem of the fall of Astros hits was discussed.

"It is simply not appropriate to express the frustration that you can get from the Astros situation by physically endangering someone by throwing them on," said Manfred. "It is simply not acceptable."

Dodger's pitcher Ross Strpling said recently that he would "lean" to check if he would retaliate against the Astros by throwing thugs. "At the right time and in the right place," said Stripling.

Manfred considered withdrawing their 2017 World Series title from the Astros, but cited history as the reason why he didn't.

"It has never happened in baseball," said Manfred. "I believe in the idea that precedents are important, and if you deviate from them, you have to have a really good reason for it."

Jose Altuve and other Astros have refused to use Summer to steal signs during the 2019 season. MLB's investigation report found that the Astros illegally stole characters in 2017, including the playoffs, and parts of the 2018 season, but not 2019.

"The summer claim, the tape and all that, we were fully aware of it," said Manfred. "In a way, the piece that no one appreciates that we haven't found any evidence is not a single witness who could confirm that summers were used in the 2019 season or that they did something inappropriate in the 2019 season."

Manfred admitted that Astros' apology attempt on Thursday was not well received.

"It was not successful," said Manfred. "Whatever a team does, good or bad, it is my position's responsibility. We will continue to work with the Astros to help them leave this behind." I think in the past some players were traveling individually. I think they did a lot better taking responsibility and expressing repentance. "