Rocketman film review: Elton John's biopic provides the perfect, tragic note

Taron Egerton 1

rocket Man

Directed by Dexter Fletcher

Actors – Taron Egerton, Richard Madden, Bryce Dallas Howard

Related to his skillful touch of the piano keys, rocket Man, Elton John's biography, glides past smoothly, not a single phase; A beautiful symphony that should remain with you for an esteemed recall like the rousing, spectacular discography of the maestro.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher, who leads a young and emotionally determined Taron Egerton as the man himself, rocket Man is limited to concretizing the tragic times behind the legendary singer and composer, who developed into a decadent drug user and hater of people. These are also the general standards that almost every musical star had to travel to fame, must meet and live.

The story begins and ends in the midst of a denominational group and takes us away from the loveless world of Reginald Dwight, a shy child in Pinner who lives with his mother (Bryce Dallas Howard) and an emotionally distant father (Steven Mackintosh) creative geniuses into the interior of a rehab where the great Elton John (played by Taron Egerton) as a caretaker is waiting to become sober, for fear that he could ever make music and magic again without cocaine or alcohol. In this sense rocket Man Summarizes the history of bad upbringing, the identity crisis, the glorious days of music and the possible confrontation with thinking and feeling, wanting and needing in a complex way.

John's pain and his complicated way of identifying as a gay man form the core of this tragic and turbulent musical. rocket Man could have just flown off the stage and plunged into a fascinatingly unexpected color collage, but the story script at hand doesn't allow for such a boost. Instead, it depends heavily on making montages surreal moments, carefully sewing in John's emotions at every checkpoint, and most of all, his encounters with men and the difficulty of finding the kind of love he deserves.

Taron Egerton 1

Taron Egerton and Richard Madden in a still image from Rocketman

The great thing is that this devotion to the zero-degree digression draws your attention to this rather single-track, monotonous drama, but as you begin to go beyond all the striking portrayal, you begin to see yourself in John, a self-ironic and brooding People, for some it could be quite daunting to do so rocket Man Not everyone's poison.

Interestingly, the film ended when John found bliss with a loving partner by his side – a traditional happy ending – and images of his benevolent self began to appear in real life. Almost so rocket Man Keeps catharsis away from Egerton, who was once beaten and intimidated by his beloved sperm manager John Reid, who is played here by an indulgent and taciturn Richard Madden.

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Taron Egerton in a photo by Rocketman

What rocket Man paints beautifully is a picture of the musician's life, both the incredible highs and tragic lows. Egerton is both captivating and flawed, and in the scenes we approach, thanks to contrast lighting and impressive close-ups, we can see a real John who is more than the one created for roles and showbiz. And that is the strength of this biopic – it is Lead that plays an entertaining and uninhibited show every time, as if there was no tomorrow. The film is a star in Egerton and should not be missing if you are a fan of authenticity in acting.

In retrospect, rocket Man It's really fun to be in the cinema, and this special Elton John musical turns out to be a cinematic conversation with the audience. However, all of this is not without time for the superstar in all its glory and flaws, especially in its relationships with viewers, friends and lovers.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

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