Rutger's crazy Michigan home win series

<pre><pre>Rutger's crazy Michigan home win series

Only a perfect record would survive.

Rutgers faced Michigan in Piscataway on Wednesday evening, hoping to extend his 17-0 home record and score the program's first win against the Wolverines, but that shouldn't be.

The audience at the Rutgers Athletic Center was deafening and the point difference never exceeded nine points, but Michigan prevailed with a 60:52 victory over Rutgers' eighth crowd in a row.

The Wolverines, who won the first meeting of the teams at Madison Square Garden earlier this month, are now 13-0 against the Scarlet Knights.

Michigan, winner of six of their last seven games, took the win, although Isaiah Livers, a 6-foot-7 striker, failed on Sunday due to a lower leg injury to Indiana.

Geo Baker led the Scarlet Knights with 16 points at team level and left the field with two steals 7 against 14. Akwasi Yeboah scored 10 points with five rebounds, while Ron Harper Jr. added 11 points.

Despite a slow start from Michigan, which scored just three minutes after the game started, Rutgers could only get a 4-0 lead. But the Scarlet Knights kept it tight in the first half as the Wolverines' greatest lead was never more than eight points.

After 48 seconds in half, Shaq Carter made a quick start to get the result at 28. Baker then took a long 3 when the buzzer sounded to end a 5-0 run at the end of the half that Rutgers had a 31-28 lead.

Rutgers went 6-0 in the second half. But Michigan answered with its own 10-2 run. A 3-pointer at 9:14 a.m. from David Dejulius of Michigan put the Wolverines in the lead at 45-41 and they never looked back.