Ryan Tannehill of the Titans reaches a new level in the dream season


BALTIMORE – Ryan Tannehill, who had 22 touchdowns and only six interceptions in the regular season, has played well enough this season to convince the Titans to either sign him for a long-term contract or franchise him for the 2020 season Label to be provided.

All he did was save the titanium season after Marcus Mariota 2-4 started.

All he did on Saturday night at M&T Bank Stadium was to defeat Lamar Jackson in a stunning 28:12 draw that helped the sixth-man titan beat the Texans Chiefs winner to the AFC championship.

Tannehill, who threw the patriots only 15 times for 72 yards, was thrifty again. He only needed 14 passes and rode a horse called Derrick Henry (195 yards on 30 runs), which gave Earl Thomas a warlike tone from here. Tannehill ended with a 7v14 victory for 88 yards.

"It's definitely unusual. That's how the games went," said Tannehill, "At this point in the season, it's all about doing everything you can to win whether you throw 30 or 10."

Ryan Tannehill
Ryan TannehillGetty Images

Tannehill started quickly and secured a 7-0 lead in a 12-yard circus catch by TE Jonnu Smith against Brandon Carr.

He made it 14-0 with a direct 45 yard touchdown to Calif Raymond past Marlon Humphrey after John Harbaugh played and watched Titans Jackson on the Baltimore 45 fourth-and-one.

"Had great protection, big bag, I was able to improve," said Tannehill.

Tannehill's 1-yard TD run after Jackson fumble extended the lead to 28-6.

"Teams that can lead football, stop the run and take care of football will win in the playoffs," said Tannehill. "We showed that we can win in different ways, but it's been 22 years now [Henry], "

Tannehill was 63-for-97 (64.9 percent) with seven touchdowns and two interceptions with a pass rating of 105.7 against lightning pressure this season. According to Sports Info Solutions, he took third place in the completion rate (75.6) and first place in the pass rating (143.6) for game-action passes.

"I'll pat myself on the back here," said NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms. "Whenever he signed with the Titans, I just said," It's only a matter of time before he takes over Marcus Mariotas job.

“First of all, Tannehill was much better than you can imagine in Miami. That wasn't a great team around him, but if you look up his stats [123 TDs, 75 INTs], his victories, losses [42-46], all of these things are really good and I don't always just like these statistics.

"But the thing with Tannehill is, yes, he's a good athlete, but he was a targeted passer-by and he maximizes the yards that are available every week. If the guy is open through a crack, he can get him through the If the guy is wide open in the field, he meets him on the run and scores a touchdown. And here I see Tannehill as something very special this year. They don't like dynamism in the passing game. It was about high Throwing level passes in a confined space and the money for people like AJ Brown to do something after the catch. ”

Tannehill was a virtual off-season in which the jaguars had thrown $ 88 million at Nick Foles and John Elway over a four-year period, and the Broncos were crazy about Joe Flacco and the Redskins were courting Case Keenum.

The titans gave a runoff in the seventh round in 2019 and a runoff in the fourth round in 2020, and received a runoff in the sixth round of 2019.

Tannehill caused the spark that became a playoff flame.