Safe but Out-of-the-Box Electrical Ideas for Your Home


Innovation is both the first and last word when it comes to making your home more comfortable by applying electrical solutions. Here are some tried and tested to help you on your mission.

There’s literally no dearth of ideas related to electrical solutions to make any home safer, more comfortable and cosier. Qualified electrical mechanics in London are of the opinion that whether you’re building a new home or refurbishing an old one through rewiring, innovative ideas on electrical application can indeed make drastic changes to the property and enable its inhabitants to lead a much improved life.

In the following sections of this blog post qualified electricians associated with the Electric Works London share some realistic electrical ideas for home improvement. Read on to know more.

Innovative electrical ideas for home improvement

Let us start with the basics.

Prepare a photo map

You may start with making a picture of the wiring before the drywall gets erected. This enables you to know where all the wiring runs through to make all the future projects easier. The pictures will serve as a reliable guide for any builder or electrician you hire at any point down the timeline.

Emphasise on the living space

Never wait for the entire building to get constructed before deciding how the furniture and appliances will be arranged, suggest experienced emergency electricians based in London. Perform this planning in advance so that the electrician can start his work early to deliver high-quality finishing.

Never ignore illumination of the exteriors

Here’s an important point to note; Christmas is hardly a month away. Start making the decoration plans for the outdoors right from now. Select the places where your lights will be plugged and the light switch that will make them glow. Consider a convenient place like the place near the front door or the garage for placing the light switch.

It is okay to overdue the cable capacity

Consider adding extra cable capacity right during the construction phase. This will save you money on installation compared to any point of time in future and you can tap the wires afterwards when required. Technology is advancing so fast that you never know what you may be using in future and what you will require for that. Therefore to play it safe get multiple cable outlets in all the vital rooms in your household. This will allow you rearranging furniture easily at any point of time in future.

Ease in lighting

It is a good idea placing a separate light switch for the attic. This ensures you don’t have to roam helplessly across the humid attic in the dark to locate the switch. A light switch near the bed is also welcome as it will allow you turn off the light right from the bed while going to sleep instead of getting up and going all the way to the switch board.

Charging points

There must a charging point for all the gadgets you use including smartphone, camera, tablet and iPod in the room to rule out the possibility of tangled cords and lost chargers.

Lighting for small spaces

There should be proper illumination in the pantry and even inside the closets. In case you’ve lots of kitchen appliances, divide them in two parts and keep one of them in the pantry. If you use wireless appliances – like cordless vacuum cleaner – there’s definitely no need for charging point but in that case make dedicated home for those gadgets inside the closet.

Bathroom needs

You may install charging points for various gadgets used in the bathroom inside vanity cabinets. These gadgets include electric razor, electric toothbrush and such other items. But at the same time, leave some charging points in the open. For example, when you install the charging point of the hair straightening equipment inside the cabinet, you have to leave the cabinet open while using it. When the cabinet is open, you can’t see yourself in the mirror installed on the cabinet door.

Preparing the backyard for relaxation and recreation

It is a good idea to extend audio wires across the backyard. This will allow you playing music at the backyard for relaxation and recreation purpose.

Upgrade plan for bathrooms

Invest money in your bathroom to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible. Modern range of electrical appliances ensures you stand on heated floor surface and have access to heated towel racks the moment you step out of shower.

Lighting for different moods

Consider putting your money on dimmer switches when you want to shut the world outside and relax in the cosiness of your home. Dimmer switches are in fact indispensible for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Concealed lighting

Install the outlets in concealed but convenient places like behind beds, bookshelves and entertainment centres. This allows you make space by pushing furniture against the walls while the plugs won’t stare out unashamedly.

An experienced electrician in London has something more to add.  He suggests considering the tips and tricks discussed above as your stepping stone and wear on your thinking hat to bring out your innovative ideas. Above everything else, it is also crucial that you have safe access to electricity at your home.