Saquon Barkley defends Baker Mayfield after the quarterback is physically ashamed


Saquon Barkley also has buddy Baker Mayfield off the field.

When they spoke to TMZ recently, the retreating Giants came to defend the Browns quarterback while chatting about Mayfield's off-season physique, which became a social media topic of conversation after pictures of the players' vacations had surfaced.

"He's a quarterback, he shouldn't be shredded," said Barkley.

Barkley and Mayfield, who were in Antigua and Barbuda with their key colleagues earlier this year, were photographed shirtless along with the other Giants stars Sterling Shepard and Alec Ogletree. In the meantime, the picture on Twitter has been circulating. The fans compared Mayfield's appearance to their friends' six-packs.

Baker Mayfield vacation with Saquon Barkley and Giants pals

"I feel like the baker of my group of friends," said one commentator tweeted,

"Crazy because I look better than Baker Mayfield without a shirt," said another answered,

Despite the onslaught of criticism, Barkley believes Mayfield will "have time to put his body in order".

After Mayfield's third year with the Browns, the first choice will be made in 2018 after a disappointing second season that included a word war with coached ESPN commentator Rex Ryan. The couple crushed their beef in front of the Super Bowl, and the quarterback admitted that he "put a lot in the mouth last year".

The Browns ended the game 6-10 and fired coach Freddie Kitchens in their first year, replaced by Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.