Save 15% on the chic Omigo CNET toilet seat bidet


Heated seat, heated spray, fancy remote control … that’s how kings and queens have to go to the toilet.


I have now tried a cheap bidet and a chic bidet. Spoiler alert: imagination is better. It costs more, but that’s your butt we’re talking about. Didn’t it deserve the best?

Think about it as I tell you this: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can Save 15% on Omigo bidet or bidet attachment with promo code CNETx015. (Remove any codes already present at the checkout and apply them instead.) That means you can buy the super luxury flagship Omigo for $ 552 or the slightly less luxury OmigoSL for $ 382. Can get dollars. Too expensive? The Element Bidet can be yours for only $ 67, the Element Plus for $ 84. Note that the Omigos are expected to ship around May 12, but the items will not be in stock until early June.

I haven’t tested the item, which seems to be very similar I tried the Tushy bidet a few weeks ago. In retrospect (ha!) I would not deal with the hot water version, in this case the Element Plus. Plugging in and using is tedious, and cleaning with cold water is really not bad. So if you just want a super affordable option, the $ 67 item is probably an excellent choice.

But wow, the Omigo. It is a complete replacement seat and a heated one at that. It also heats the water, although it only requires the same simple cold water connection as the element. As a result, installation is quick and fairly easy, although the instructions for moving the seat forward or backward are somewhat confusing. The Omigo also requires AC power and the power cord is quite short, so you may need an extension.

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As I said, I don’t understanding a cold water bidet, but if there is a warm option … yes, please. The Omigo also has a warm air fan to dry you off after, which means you can really do without TP entirely. This will save you money in the long run, although it would obviously take some time for $ 552 to pay off.

The cheaper OmigoSL has neither a fan nor the carbon filter deodorant, which works shockingly well. Stop telling your spouse, “You might want to wait a few minutes before going in there.” The full Omigo also has a three-year warranty on the one-year OmigoSL. In both cases, the company offers a 90-day trial. Your only cost of returning from your own pocket would be for shipping.

Bidets are strange at first, but once you get used to them, it’s hard to come back to wipe them off.

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Intelligent bidet machine cleans where the sun does not shine


Get the classic racing game Burnout Paradise Remastered (PC) for just $ 3

Burnout paradise-remastered


I love a good racing game, especially one that allows stunts and car damage. Amazon is offering the EA classic for a limited time Burnout Paradise Remastered for PC for only $ 2.99. Regular price: $ 20. Note that you need an Origin account and the Origin client software to activate and play the game.

The original burnout paradise is generally considered one of the best ever, and the revised version that arrived for the PC about two years ago brings it up to date in the visual department, so to speak.

GameSpot never checked it, but you can learn more in this Burnout Paradise Remastered message.

I’m here for three poor dollars.

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