Save yourself bad posture with this compact smart trainer

<pre><pre>Save yourself bad posture with this compact smart trainer

Perfect your posture to increase your concentration and core.

4, 2020

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If you sit at the desk all day, your posture is likely to suffer. Unfortunately, this can cause countless problems, from back pain to decreased focus. You may not think about it actively, but your posture is critical to your mental and physical health. Don't let it slip, train yourself with UPRIGHT GO 2 ™ for better posture.

UPRIGHT GO 2 ™ is a tiny, intelligent trainer that sits comfortably on your spine and vibrates when you lie down and reminds you to correct your posture. It's a simple, painless solution that lets you sit up and stay that way. With the free companion app, you can track how often you relax and create a personalized posture plan based on your progress. Regardless of whether you attach the device to your skin or attach it to the separate necklace, you will hardly notice that you are wearing it until you start to relax. Thanks to the 30-hour battery life, you can train your muscles over time while building your upper back and core strength to perfect and hold your posture.

Upright! Typically $ 99.95, the UPRIGHT GO 2 ™ now only costs $ 89 and is 10 percent less.