The break is over for the garment that the Internet loved to hate.

RompHim, the fashion statement of a piece marketed by men devised by four northwest business students in 2017, no longer exists.

"The time has come to close the door to RompHim" according to a statement by the co-founders of the Mamluk company.

After raising $ 350,000 in Kickstarter, the label burned bright and fast with prints painted with splashes and Pride-inspired editions that sold for $ 119, in addition to a line of RompSuits friendly to the cold weather. In its Instagram story, the brand thanks its "Romp Squad" "for being an integral part of [the] journey to push the limits of fashion. "


The one shameless (and long-legged) piece was designed with the types in mind: chambray fabrics, a front shirt pocket and a button so that the brothers didn't have to undress completely in the urinal.

The cotton summer suits, some of RompHim, made their way between fans of the Los Angeles Rams, the cast of Bravo's "Summer House" and the backs of the music festival goers. The onesies became a staple in Gay Pride parades, with an Ohio Twitter user writing, "I ONLY SAW MY FIRST ROMPHIM COLUMBUS PRIDE HAS BEGAN OFF OFFICIALLY."

While some made fun of fragile marketing strategies (the ads on the website and the men's clothing brand website represented Romp Squad in baseball games, drinking beer and playing pool), others embraced the dresser and practical unique piece.


Curious Romp men can still try their luck through the fast fashion brand ASOS or RomperJack, although those who hope to get the original RompHim will have to settle for a count.the-adjustment.