Scientists in Melbourne are making great strides in the rapid treatment of coronaviruses


New Delhi: Amid reports of coronavirus cases increasing worldwide, scientists in Melbourne have figured out how the human body can overcome this deadly virus in a global breakthrough that, according to a Herald Sun report, aims to speed up treatments and vaccines and even identify those who are at risk of dying.

According to the report, researchers at the Doherty Institute have shown that healthy people can expect to ward off mild to moderate COVID-19 cases in three days. The Doherty team has reportedly been able to detail the response of a patient’s immune system to COVID-19 and uncover the weapons used to overcome the new killer.

Lead researcher Professor Katherine Kedzierska told Herald Sun that the antibodies released by the human immune system to overcome the coronavirus are very similar to those used to fight influenza – although they have never been exposed to the disease.

Prof. Kedzierska is quoted as saying: “It suggests that we can fight the virus and advance the recovery of COVID-19.” We have found that COVID-19 is caused by a new virus, but in one previously healthy patients are robust Immune responses can be triggered and linked to clinical recovery. “

“We found the appearance of specific cell populations in the blood of this patient three days after hospitalization,” he added.

Melbourne researchers were reported to be preparing for a detailed blood test when a 47-year-old woman from Wuhan was one of the first coronavirus cases in Australia to be hospitalized in Melbourne.

Four other Australian COVID-19 patients and their recovery were also examined to show the same response – patients recover three days after antibody formation begins, the report said.

“Knowing that patients can trigger antibody responses is important for vaccine development because most vaccines are based on antibody responses,” Prof. Kedzierska told Sun Herald, adding, “With this information, we can evaluate all vaccine candidates. In an ideal world the vaccine should mimic our bodies. “

The recent work should increase efforts to develop antibody therapy against the coronavirus.

According to reports, some scientists are pushing to develop drugs that mimic the weapons used by the immune system to kill the virus, which would be enhanced by the discovery of the antibodies, rather than choosing a vaccine.

In particular, the study should offer some security to the 80 percent of people who can easily combat COVID-19. It would bring greater benefit to the most vulnerable.