Seahawks beat exhausted Eagles in the NFC wild card game

Seahawks beat exhausted Eagles in the NFC wild card game

PHILADELPHIA – After Jadeveon Clowney eliminated Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks eliminated the Eagles.

Wilson threw DK Metcalf a 53-yard touchdown pass, Marshawn Lynch scored a quick goal, and the Seahawks defeated the Eagles 17: 9 in Sunday night's NFC playoff round.

Wentz had made two series in the playoffs of his career for the first time before going off the pitch with a head injury after a Clowney goal.

Nick Foles wasn't there this time to save Philadelphia.

Josh McCown, 40, was the oldest quarterback to make his playoff debut. But he couldn't lead the eagles to the end zone.

The Seahawks lost three of their last four games, including a home loss to San Francisco in week 17 (26:21) that cost them the NFC West title.

However, they traveled to Philadelphia for the second time in six weeks and won as the third team on the road this weekend.

Wilson threw for 325 yards and led the team with 45 yards. Metcalf had seven catches for 160 meters.

Seattle had a season high of seven sacks by six players.

"You have to increase it in the playoffs," said Clowney. “We knew it was going to be an upfront game, the whole game. You have a great offensive line, great veterans. "

Wilson drove 82 yards in Seattle in the late second quarter, and Lynch cleared the five by a 10-0 lead.

Wilson teamed up with Metcalf for 26 yards and David Moore for 38 yards to keep this ride going.

McCown finally set out to kick off the third quarter. He joined 32 yards with Zach Ertz and Boston Scott ran 15 yards to 5 but a wrong start, fiddled snapshot and sack followed. Jake Elliott's 26-yard field goal reduced the deficit to 10: 6.

The Seahawks answered quickly. Metcalf stretched to catch Wilson's deep pass, got up, and plunged 17-6 into the end zone.

"I caught the ball, I didn't feel anyone touch me," said Metcalf. "I got up again and wanted a touchdown. I wanted a landing, really bad. "

Eagles coach Doug Pederson ended a 42 yard field goal attempt 6:24 behind and defeated Seahawks 24 4: 4. Miles Sanders couldn't catch McCown's passport.

The Eagles had another chance after Shelton Gibson, who had signed earlier in the week, imposed a 39-yard interference penalty on the Seahawks 13.

Clowney fired McCown on the fourth and seventh of the ten remaining minutes.

Wentz started in his four seasons for the second time in all 16 games and showed his best on the track. But he ended the season as hurt as the previous two.

And Seattle has Wilson driving the Seahawks to Green Bay on the division round.