Seahawks knock out Carson Wentz and the Eagles

<pre><pre>Seahawks knock out Carson Wentz and the Eagles


PHILADELPHIA – The predominant reason why the Philadelphia Eagles even played on Sunday – why they won their last four games, why they won the NC. East titles why they hosted a playoff game – clashed with what became their standard operating procedure in January: your quarterback was healthy.

Instead of creating a backup quarterback, the Eagles committed a backup offense. But at least they had Carson Wentz, who, after drying out the last two postseasons without him, commanded a group of outsiders and offshoots and formed them into a functioning unit.

Wentz waited four seasons for his playoff debut. It took two trips. When he left with an alleged head injury, the Seattle Seahawks' advantage with the quarterback increased. Russell Wilson, Seattle's starter, dived and shot, extending the games with his legs before torturing the Eagles with his right arm.

The fifth-seed Seahawks overtook the fourth-seed Eagles by 17: 9 – the same result and result as the teams' November meeting at Lincoln Financial Field – after stopping Philadelphia twice deep in their territory in the fourth quarter. For the first time, Miles Sanders was unable to correct a low pass from Wentz & # 39; s successor Josh McCown. The second, just under 2 minutes before the end, McCown was released by Jadeveon Clowney on the 10-yard line from Seattle, who was not punished A hit from helmet to helmet had thrown Wentz out of the game in the first quarter.

Seattle, the N.F.C. West advanced a few inches last week and will compete against Green Bay # 2 at Lambeau Field next Sunday evening. Wilson completed 18 of 30 passes for 325 yards and a touchdown, a 53-yard for DK Metcalf in the middle of the third quarter, which swelled the Seahawks' lead to 17-6.

The Eagles couldn't keep their Super Bowl savior, Nick Foles, two years ago, so they lured McCown out of retirement in August to join his ninth team. The 40-year-old McCown, who had not played in Minnesota since week 6 or had played a pass in Atlanta since week 2, replaced Wentz before half-time and did not get the first playoff snaps of his career Sunday goals.

Under coach Doug Pederson, the Eagles specialize in a lot of things that come up in play-off games – mostly winning – but also finding sentences about them that begin with the same word: somehow.

Somehow, the Eagles, led by a backup quarterback in Foles, won their first Super Bowl two years ago. Somehow, they ended up with three wins in a row last year and then defeated a divisional champion on the street before almost displacing the top of the conference. Somehow, they stayed competitive with Seattle on Sunday, even though they missed six offensive starts at the start – and then lost Wentz.