See review: Is Apple TV + Game of Thrones worth a visit?

see apple tv plus 3 See television series Apple TV Plus

Last year, as Apple prepared the program for its new Apple TV + streaming service, reports surfaced claiming that the content was largely family-friendly and that blood and miserable violence, profanity-laden dialogues, and erotic-oriented topics avoided most of the biggest TV dramas of all time. Apple basically wanted to make a Disney. However, the unveiling of the first plan last month showed that these reports were apparently unfounded. Put the programs for kids, the six other programs to start or coming soon – post-apocalyptic fantasy, ancient history science fiction for all, the news drama The Morning Show, the psychological thriller Servant, the biographical comedy Dickinson and true crime drama Truth is said – all are certified in India as "A" (TV-MA or TV-14 in the USA).

See is probably the most mature of them all, considering that it is clearly the new Game of Thrones. (Apple has reportedly spent $ 15 million, about 106 rupees per episode at sea. This is what HBO did for Thrones & # 39; last season, which is ridiculous for an unproven show with no existing fan base.) The creator of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight, is in the helmet – which explains the graphic throat slits among other brutal scenes – of a sea that plays for centuries after a virus that has decimated the human population and deprived the survivors of the ability to see. Now vision only exists as a myth and anyone who talks about it is called a heretic. For the Apple series, this is just an excuse to take their world back to the Middle Ages even before Game of Thrones reached the Middle Ages.

But the comparisons with the HBO series are superficial, as is the inclusion of a possible incestual relationship between a nephew and his aunt. See has nothing to offer except its premise and top-level violence – no gripping plot, no interesting characters, and no relevant messages. It's an empty shell for a show. The only ideas raised in the first three episodes of the eight – to which critics, including us, had access – are motherhood, family ties, and tribal mentality, but See doesn't know how to make or build emotional scenes. (Francis Lawrence, who is behind three of the four Hunger Games films, is the director.) In addition, the Apple series is dry, confident, and humorless, which reminds it more of Britannia than Game of Thrones.

See begins with a woman named Maghra (Hera Hilmar) who gives birth to twins – a boy and a girl – in a cave with the help of a mysterious midwife named Paris (Alfre Woodard). Meanwhile, Maghra's husband – but not the father of their children – Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) is at the front with other members of his tribe, the Alkenny. He tries to thwart an attack by witch hunters led by Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo), who was warned by an alkenny snitch named Gether Bax (Mojean Aria) that the baby's father is Jerlamarel (Joshua Henry), a lonely one Warrior, he can see. Jun has been tasked with finding and capturing him at the behest of Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks), and his children are also becoming major targets after being born with eyesight.

With the help of Jerlamarel, the Alkenny escape the witch-seekers and settle in a new country where Baba Voss cuts them off from the rest of the world to protect his children, who are now Kofun (Archie Madekwe) and Haniwa (Nesta Cooper ) be called. , After learning that the children can see, Maghra, Baba, and Paris decide to hide the truth from the rest of their tribe, as some of them were willing to hand over the babies to save their own skin. And that was before the Alkenny knew that the children were “heretics”. For almost two decades, the children then grow up isolated and secretly and use their eyesight to help others and themselves. In the meantime, Gether, who has an evil will towards Baba and Paris because he burned his mother at the stake, tries to sabotage the whole thing.

Queen Kane, the leader of the Payan tribe, fights against divergent subordinate voices in distant lands and therefore deliberately preaches opposing philosophies to keep power. In public, she accuses Vision of causing the apocalypse and claims that men did wrong because they could see. Empty words in the face of the pain and destruction caused by the witch-finders. Kane privately reveals that she wants to find Jerlamarel so she can use him to give birth to more sighted babies, which would help strengthen them. Her palace, located in an abandoned dam that generates hydroelectric power, is, along with a record player – the only technology shown on the screen – one of the few remains of the futuristic past at sea owned by Kane.

The biggest problem with See is the script level, since the writing gives practically no insight into the characters that seem to exist to advance the narrative. Forget references to possible drawing sheets, we hardly know anything about most protagonists and antagonists after the first three episodes. Baba Voss, Queen Kane and Gether Bax are the most developed – and by most we mean "very little" – while we get next to nothing for Paris and Maghra, who can simply be called the mother. As further proof of how little it has to say, characters keep repeating the same thing when it comes to their primary motivation or stance on a subject. It's almost as if See thinks his audience can't focus on what's happening on the screen.

see apple tv plus 3 See television series Apple TV Plus

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss at sea
Photo credit: Apple

Aside from the lackluster writing, See doesn't follow any action sequences that usually depend on the stupidity of the bad guys so that the heroes can emerge victorious. They also sometimes reveal a lack of scalability, which is all the more surprising given that Apple actually spent the reported $ 15 million a episode on sea. Game of Thrones turned its first seasons by half the average budget, and the HBO show still looked more impressive. See & # 39; s character list is also much smaller than that of Thrones, where there were so many families that it could repeatedly kill main characters for much of its duration without crippling the narrative. That means less is at stake as See can't afford to kill one of the main character groups.

Plus, Lake's central idea – a virus that killed most people and blinded others – sometimes becomes a joke, as everyone is a bit of a daredevil in the Apple series. On the scientific basis of how losing one sense rewires the brain and strengthens others, See essentially gives his characters superpowers. If everyone on the show is blind, it means everyone has a more acute ear. The various applications range from detecting lies and assessing the size of an incoming threat to detecting movements across the horizon. (A few have better-equipped noses that they can use to pick up abstract things like fear, which of course isn't that helpful.) But the lack of variety makes it less attractive.

Everything that comes together to create a show that clearly has nothing to offer. Oddly enough, Apple See has already renewed for a second season before it is even released, although a report claims that the series will see "a change at the top", meaning either Knight or Lawrence – or both – making room for someone else. However, whether this will improve See is questionable, as it is currently a catastrophic, absolutely unforgettable attempt to become the next Game of Thrones. There is no shortage of competitors in space either. Amazon, Netflix and HBO themselves are trying to close this gap. For Apple, however, the quality of the originals is of paramount importance, as unlike others, they offer nothing else. Sure, it has money to throw at TV +, but See is proof that its customers should think twice.

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