SEO: Exactly is that or Elias and Tiago Fonseca fazem! First YouTube page | Google


SEO: These are 3 things you will NEVER go to on the first page of Google | Youtube óSó palavras chave

Fazer um bom SEO for your content is essential to qualify people who want good results with their work on the internet.

In the meantime, we are late, it seems that SEO thermo is banalizou and everyone is claiming that they just put some interesting words on it.
You will be able to sign the first page of Google or the first page of Youtube.

As a large part of you perceive it, I don’t like that as things work.

Find out, he decided to record this video, showing or fazer to position any content heu.

Those 3 techniques are the principles that Tiago Fonseca and Elias Maman use to exploit their content on the Internet. It is clear that there is a lot behind behind
3 more SEO techniques is also an assistant for a special occasion.

Considering and worrying about these 3 things and about the best words, your content will be positioned more and more each time.

OBS: A third technique is an important one of all …

You will not worry about it, it will never go to the first page of Google or the first page of YouTube.

Nem se você tiver placed 1000 words chave nele … kkk

For example, you can collect 4 desertions for SEO or perfect your SEO and get your certificate so that you can get your position.

But eai, or what did you get from this video about SEO techniques, curtiu? Deixa seu comment here embarjo e ja estrale that as there also também hahaha

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