SEO in 2019: what works today?


Learn about the SEO tips and strategies that work for us and the respected members of the SEO community in 2019.
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Wondering what strategies work today in search engine optimization?

Join Sam Oh while discovering the SEO strategies you should focus on in 2019 to qualify for Google and get organic traffic.

This SEO tutorial is not about algorithm updates or trend predictions because nobody knows exactly how Google algorithms work, except Google.

This training is about SEO tips and tactics that are working right now based on our own experiences in Ahrefs and those of respected members of the SEO community.

The first tip is quite obvious about having a website optimized for mobile devices.

Then, Sam covers the importance of topic research (not to be confused with keyword research) and reveals the easiest way to find topics with high search traffic potential.

The next tip is to create topical authority in your niche with 2 crucial steps:
1. Get links from relevant and current websites.
2. Create contextual relevance through internal links

A very important SEO tactic is to make sure that the content you publish really matches the intent of the search engine. Sam teaches you exactly how to examine the 3 C search intentions:

Then, make sure that your content is kept updated by identifying which ones to update and then updating that content. Here, Sam describes the 5 questions that should be asked that will help you decide which pages to update.

The next SEO tip would be to focus on the links that move the needle. Not all links are the same. Know the 3 criteria that will help you identify backlink opportunities & # 39; authorized & # 39 ;.

The last thing that is working for us is YouTube SEO and ranking those videos in Google search. We have been doing this at Ahrefs constantly for a year, which has helped generate thousands of new customers.

Armed with this arsenal of SEO marketing techniques and through relentless execution, you will be on your way to creating SEO growth for your website.

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