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In this video you will learn about the SEO training study program.

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In this video you will know about –
What is SEO and why is it important?
How the Google algorithm works.
Introduction to Google algorithms.
What is SEO on the page?
How to start any SEO project.
 Website analysis
Robots.txt file
 Content optimization
 Alt tag optimization
 Header tag optimization
 Keyword research
 Verify competence
 Creations of meta tags
 Meta Robots
 Google Analytics
 Google Search Console
 Sitemaps
 Blog post optimization
 Optimization of landing pages.
URL optimization

Enriched fragments
 What is AMP?
URL mapping

What is SEO Offpage?
 What is the role of Link Building?
 What is the quality of the backlink and how to verify
 Off-page activities
 Directory submissions: now not useful
 Social bookmarking
 Article shipments
 Press releases
 Difference between article, blog, public relations and web content?
 Classified shipments
 Use of infographics and creations.
 Video submissions
 PPT shipments
 Questions and answers websites

Difference between link building and link gain?
Activities related to obtaining links
Introduction to Google Analytics training
Introduction to the Google search console
Introduction to Google Tag Manager
Introduction to Google Adwords
Introduction to social network optimization

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