Sheer bliss

Segway-like vehicles were also used by the police to keep an eye on the large crowd on Marina Beach.

ONs the world is sizzling with global warming, a design element is making a big comeback – inner courtyards. Whether atriums in large hotels, spectacular interiors in a shopping center, restaurants on the side of the road or a high-quality house – designers rely on one of the oldest architectural ideas.

It is aesthetically pleasing, refreshing and above all environmentally friendly to observe this trend. For all the thoughtless rooms in large indoor spaces with a lot of experience and darker indoor spaces, the inner courtyards rejuvenate the sunlight and breathe in fresh air. Hopefully more the dishes, less the air conditioning.

soft light

soft light

The means of reaching inner courtyards and their effects can be varied. There may be a large light-flooded courtyard with green plants that serves as an extension of the living area and at the same time functions as a private family room, while there are temporary partition walls. A well-lit courtyard can lead a designer staircase along its wall surface, be it RCC, steel or stone slabs, which becomes the center of the room. In most cases, inner courtyards connect two otherwise different rooms such as living and dining areas or dining and kitchen areas, which creates a perception of size.

As a rule, the inner courtyard is purely an interior matter, while we refer to the outside spaces as gardens. But if you can intelligently redefine the setbacks from the outside and relocate the building glass wall around them, we can achieve a greater sense of space within the same location area thanks to the connection from inside to outside.

Plants, paving stones, seats, sand and other features complete the designer yard.

Doors do the trick

There may also be an outside courtyard, more like an open back courtyard or a side courtyard that is entered directly from the house. If the walls of the house are moved very easily, side rooms will emerge that do not pay off on the inside. They could also be called outdoor gardens. With sliding doors, folding doors or folding doors, the outside becomes the inside after opening the door flap.

Relax here

Relax here

Most courtyards are used as an extension of the living or dining area, i.e. seen horizontally. The unusual view of the courtyard must be experienced to feel the beauty. The view captures the space and the objects underneath from a different, therefore strange point of view.

Let us imagine an inner courtyard with antique columns, large planters, built-in seats, small water fountains in the interior and decent interiors – it will be a happy home. Incident sunlight can happily flood the converted living and dining areas.

If most of this text has focused on aesthetics, then ecology should not be neglected.

The majority of the staff in the design and implementation teams are aware of the environmental benefits of the courtyard, but do not advertise them for lack of understanding.

The sheer beauty and attractions that the dish suggested above can cause more people to customize them for many different benefits – ecological, aesthetic, and functional.

(The author is an architect and works on environmentally friendly designs. He can be contacted at

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