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Kathak-Bharatanatyam dance performed on an IndianRaga cover, an Indian performance, of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”. This famous piano piece is believed to have been composed around 1810, but was published in 1867, forty years after his death. The “Fur Elise” dance, this version of Indian classical dance, represents the complexities of a true virtual world VS dilemma that confronts us all today. The dancers Anindita Neogy Anaam (Kathak) and Ruta Uttarakar (Bharatnatyam) have used Abhinaya and Nritta of Indian classical dances to relate to the vibrant tones of life to narrate this story of friendship in the 21st century. The musical adaptation of the western “Fur Elise” is by Rithesh Iyer (table, drums), Ashwin Seshadri (piano), Rishabh Ranganathan (violin), Aravind Sundar (padhant) and Nagaari (sound mix / arrangement).

The story is about two women, a professional Kathak choreographer and the other Kuchipudi dance teacher who trains children. They are strange to each other, but they follow each other online. Kathak’s choreographer posts photos of her seemingly happy family, and the dance teacher posts photos that show she enjoys an independent life. Both women believe that the life of the other is perfect. One day, by chance, they meet face to face, recognize each other and start having a real conversation. The choreographer’s happy family photos hide her stressful relationship with her husband, while the strong and independent dance teacher is emotionally vulnerable after the loss of her son. As they grasp the “blemishes” in each of their lives, they also joyfully discover their shared passion for dancing and begin to share bonds of real friendship.

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