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Single Bit Screw Locking Tightening Machine with Single Platform


Single Bit Screw Locking Tightening Machine with Single Platform        
Functions and Applications            
Single bit (batch) single platform automatic lock screw machine mainly consists of automatic screw conveying system, X-Y-Z motion platform, control system and locking-screw system. The working efficiency is much higher than traditional manual work. The screw locking machines are widely used in digital, electronics, small household appliances, power switches, lamps, LEDs, toys and other products. With it's main features of high efficiency, strong versatility / flexibility, screw locking machine are becoming more and more poluar for many factories.

The single bit single platform automatic screw locking machine contiains three main parts.
(1)The screw automatic feeding and transporting system,;
(2) The XYZ 3-axis motion control platform;
(3) The control system and locking system;
The feeding screw process is by using air blowing method. The workpiece (unlocking product) will be moved by XYZ axis  in correct waiting position, where the locking system tightens the screws immediately after calibration, no human interventuion during the whole process.
Details Images
Screw automatic feeding and transporting system                    
Self-developed atuomatic feeding system, using air-blowing type feeding method to give screws. The system uses turbo feeding, automatic sorting and arranging scrws in a line, screening and sorting special-shaped screws, automatic replenishing screws.
Due to different diameters of the nuts and diameters of the screws, the screw feeders should be customized. The screw tolerance must not less than ± 0.2mm.                        
Control and locking system                    
The main machine adopts omron PLC control, the manual interface is from Taiwan Weinview. PLC can control the programming which can be directly found in the man-machine interface. The PLC can store the coordinate value of 40 workpiece (product-to-be screwlocking). Each workpiece has less
than 50 points).
Check process: screw sliding tooth inspection, screw leakage lock inspection, failure locking (alarm notice).                            
Screwdriver model: Taiwan KILEWS  (optional)                            
Linear XYZ axis motion guide                     
We use Taiwan HIWIN guide rail and lead rail (precision ± 0.02mm), Y-axis double-position movement is driven by closed-loop feeding                        
motor, the motion module is linear guide rail lead rail module.                    
Manufacturing Technique
This table is only for reference, not for customized order machines
Machine Structure
Machine G.W.
About 100 kg
Overall dimensions
(H)730*(L)650*(W)550mm (according to customer product size)
Power supply
AC 220V, 50Hz
Power comsumption
300 W
Environment temperature
- 20 ~ 40 degrees
Structure shell
Steel table plate, aluminum alloy body
Control Mechanism
Manipulation interface
Touch screen
Program input
Coordinate input
Host program control
Omron PLC
Serial port RS232C, computer communication software
Speed and Accuracy
Positioning accuracy
X, Y, Z + / 0.02 mm: + / - 0.02 mm
Running speed
500 mm/SEC (X, Y)
Screw Feeding and Transporting
Automatic screw feeder
Either placed on or off the workbench
Quantity of automatic screw feeder
Configuration is based on the quantity of locking screws, a machine can send 2 screws
KILEWS screwdriver (torque can be adjusted according to customer products)
Number of screwdrivers in Z axis
1-4 electric screwdrivers
Suitable Range
XY locking range
Customized according to product
Z axis locking range
Customized according to product
Detection Control Ability
Screw slide tooth detection
Screw leak lock detection
Screw leakage detection
Failure locking detection
Alarm lights and buzzers

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