SIOS publishes technology forecasts for 2020


Technology Corp.
Frank Jablonski, Vice President of Global Marketing, announced
its top technology predictions for 2020. The unstoppable path of the cloud too
IT dominance will continue in 2020 with players from across IT
Industry accelerate their cloud-native development efforts. Included
are the cloud service providers and their corporate customers, from
Of course, as well as application and system software provider and system

Frank Jablonski outlines the following five main trends that guide him

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence cost money
    Savings through higher cloud efficiency.
    Companies are
    looking for application and cloud service providers to help them
    work more efficiently through machine learning (ML) and
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide more effective resources
    Administration. To achieve this, the environment or application is required
    understand when it needs more resources and then automatically
    Scale these resources to meet increased demand. Vice versa,
    Technology needs to understand when there are no specific resources
    Switch off longer and switch off safely to minimize costs. So today
    Dynamic resource allocation may or may not be reliable
    Inefficient manual process that forces cloud customers to do both
    more than necessary or unable to meet service levels during
    Peak load times.
  • DevOps will switch companies to cloud native
    Companies will try to take full advantage of them
    the agility of the cloud through the redesign of its application / technology
    Stacks to optimize them specifically for the cloud environment. IT
    The departments regularly adopt a "lift and shift" approach to migration
    Applications to the cloud, but the effort still requires some changes
    to ensure that the desired service levels are met due to some differences
    between private and public infrastructures. After the first wave of
    The migration to the cloud is optimized, DevOps will drive the new architecture
    Your application / technology is based on a cloud-native implementation
    to further exploit the higher efficiency of the cloud,
    Reliability, scalability and affordability.
  • Application providers will integrate HA and DR into their core
    Application providers will strive to deliver
    Higher value and higher reliability through integration of Core High
    Availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) functions in their
    solutions. Most applications today require customer delivery
    These safeguards are carried out separately, and most organizations do it for everyone
    your applications with a universal HA / DR solution. With HA
    and / or DR that are integrated into an application by default, customers
    will simply be able to deploy it on any platform in a private, purely
    public or hybrid cloud environment. This is particularly beneficial
    for smaller organizations that usually lack the expertise or
    Resources required to implement and operate configurations
    Elimination of all individual defects. For cloud native
    The application manufacturer will want to take full advantage of implementations
    Take advantage of the resilience that the cloud offers
    Availability zones and regions.
  • DBaaS and cloud become the preferred platform for databases
    IT organizations have traditionally opted for this
    own implementation of critical databases and applications
    Data centers where staff have full control over the
    Surroundings. Because the platforms are offered by cloud service providers
    (CSPs) have matured, the cloud has paid off
    Hosting critical applications and database-as-a-service
    (DBaaS). This feasibility also applies to complete suites such as SAP,
    that practically all departments of an organization and everyone
    its business functions. This change will be a stronger focus
    Reliability, availability and performance of the applications and
    Make the cloud strategically more important for companies. For CSPs that
    Greater reliability through availability zones and geographic regions
    Diversity, it will be a way to secure long-term relationships with
  • Resellers and system integrators will play an increasingly important role
    Role in moving critical applications to the cloud.
    As the
    The migration of corporate applications to the cloud accelerates and
    mature, the need to ensure business critical high availability (HA)
    creates opportunities for resellers and system integrators. This
    The time window for opportunities presents itself as companies are looking for a more robust HA
    Solutions that still need to be fully integrated into the application
    and system software. Some system integrators may have the expertise
    and resources needed to use open source software in their Linux
    Offerings. However, an increasing percentage will opt for integration
    Specially developed solutions for HA and disaster recovery
    Protective measures, as these have proven to be more reliable for the Internet
    Customers, but also equally (if not more) profitable for them

According to Jablonski: “From service and solution provider to
DevOps companies become their organizations
Applications and technology are stacked to take full advantage of cloud-native designs
Use the higher efficiency, reliability and scalability of the cloud
and affordability. As these efforts advance, system integrators become
Enjoy a time window in which you can fill in the gaps and supplement them in other ways

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