Small Door, the OneMedical for pets, opens the location in NYC

<pre><pre>Small Door, the OneMedical for pets, opens the location in NYC

Small Door, a veterinary startup, announced today the opening of its New York office at 15 Seventh Ave. Little door The room started gently in November 2019.

The veterinarian startup was first launched in April 2019 with a $ 3.5 million launch round led by Lerer Hippeau Ventures, in which Primary Venture Partners and Brand Foundry Ventures participated. Flatiron Health founders Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg, Warby Parker co-founders Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal, and Sweetgreen founders Jon Neman, Nic Jammet and Nat Ru also invested.

The company is taking a new approach to veterinary by offering a membership program that resembles One Medical.

Part of the problem with veterinary services is that veterinary practices are often overworked and underpaid. This can lead to long waiting times for patients, short visits and poor quality of working life for the veterinarians themselves. Through a membership model, Small Door believes veterinarians spend more time with their pet patients and significantly reduces waiting times for patients and their owners.

The company also rethought the healthcare area itself. For example, the waiting room is provided with small corners to keep the animals happy and threat-free while waiting.

Different membership levels give users access to different functions. For dogs, the basic level (USD 12 / month) offers appointments on the same or the next day, priority access to specialists and virtual support around the clock. The premium level ($ 75 / month) offers two yearly exams, core vaccinations, an annual blood test, and other preventive measures such as deworming, heartworm screening, etc. The premium plus level ($ 89 / month) offers a 12 everything that is included in the premium package – monthly supply of flea and tick prevention and 12-month supply of heartworm prevention.

For cats, rates range from $ 8 / month to $ 74 / month with similar offers.

Small Door was founded as a non-profit organization and identified Small Door veterinarians and animals as key players in the business. Suicide is a growing problem for veterinarians, who often struggle with increasing levels of debt, compassion fatigue, difficult hours, and even more difficult customers.

According to founder Josh Guttman, 55% of Small Door Millennials customers and 70% of customers are women.