Social distancing could be working, according to a new study


March 26, 2020 – Preliminary measures suggest that social distancing measures, such as closing restaurants, bars, and other nonessential businesses, are slowing the spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

The data shows that the number of people with fever that is an early indication of coronavirus infection began to decrease almost immediately after social distancing measures took effect in some areas, USA Today reported.

The findings are from health technology company Kinsa, which analyzed fever readings from more than 1 million thermometers in use in the US. USA

“When you close schools and businesses, you are breaking the chain of infections,” said Kinsa CEO Inder Singh. USA Today. “The data shows that it is working and the fever groups we were seeing are stabilizing and decreasing in a matter of days.”

The fever fell more than 60% in Santa Clara County, California, since it issued a shelter-in-place order on March 17, while fevers have increased in Miami-Dade County.

State and local governments in northern California took more aggressive social distancing measures than those in southern Florida, USA Today reported.

The data is available for public and scientific analysis, and Kinsa plans to send it to a medical journal.

These are “interesting results that support public health recommendations and should be reviewed independently,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, a former senior official with the US Food and Drug Administration. USA And Maryland Commissioner of Health. USA Today.

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