Stanford's Oscar Da Silva has to be sewn after hitting his head on the floor in a collision

<pre><pre>Stanford's Oscar Da Silva has to be sewn after hitting his head on the floor in a collision

BOULDER, Colorado – A classic comeback from Colorado, a five-point game from Stanford, a brave performance by the Short-Handed Cardinal, and a historic start from Buffaloes at number 24.

All of this was overshadowed by the team unity that emerged after a scary scene in which Stanford top scorer Oscar Da Silva slammed his head on the floor while trying to prevent a runaway basket through the 262-pound Colorado center Evan Battey ,

"To be in the middle of a game with such a team? I think it's pretty cool that the other team showed a lot of affection and emotion when Oscar went down, ”said Stanford's Jaiden Delaire.

Da Silva took several tricks to get a deep cut over his left eye and missed the rest of the game that Colorado 81-74 won after being 16 points behind the Buffaloes' third-biggest comeback in the second half. History.

"Accidents happen in basketball," said McKinley Wright IV, who led Colorado with 21 points. "I've known Evan for three years now. Dude has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, including my family. I've never met someone who has a heart like this, so he didn't do it on purpose ,

"It was emotional because I looked back and saw Oscar's head was bleeding and his eyes rolled back, so I didn't know what happened. I fell on my knee and prayed."

At first it seemed that Battey was injured too, but the second striker who had a stroke two years ago said he was just emotional.

"I wasn't finished at all. The fact that I closed my eyes, I think I bowed him in the face. But I just saw his reaction, I saw how he landed, and I just collapsed." said Battey.

After a few minutes, Da Silva was helped to his feet and made to sew, and a crying battey comforted several of Da Silva's teammates – and vice versa in the middle of the training.

Colorado coach Tad Boyle asked Wright to call both teams together for prayer, and Stanford coach Jerod Haase asked "both teams to continue playing hard," Wright said.

"Our coach told both teams that Oscar would be fine, and he told both teams to play as hard as possible and end the game," said Delaire. "So he tried to make the other team not feel so bad and gave us a few encouraging words to continue the game."

After the confusion, Battey also went for a medical exam, but returned a few minutes later and played a big part in the comeback in Colorado.

"I had to go to the locker room for about five to ten minutes, just kind of a debriefing," said Battey. "You could see how the game went on, I was still crying and shedding tears. When I made these 3 I also shed tears. It was an emotional game for me all the way. I don't know what happened when I was in the dressing room, I don't know how we played after that, how Stanford played, but after that I only played for Oscar. "

Battey's runner gave Colorado a 51:49 lead, his fourth 3-pointer of the season 56:54. The buffs took the lead forever on two free throws from Bey with 7:44, which made it 58-56.

"We just knew we couldn't afford this loss," said Wright.

D & # 39; Shawn Schwartz added 20 points for Colorado, and all 11 points and nine of his dozen boards from Tyler Bey came in the second half when the Buffaloes were 70% off the ground, 100% off the bow and 85% off the streak shot.

A terrible first half followed, with buffs shooting 28% off the ground, 23% off the three point and 54% off the line.

With an overall victory of 19: 5 and an overall victory of 8: 3 on the Pac-12, the Buffaloes made the best start in their history and are at the top of the teams from 1954: 55 and 1968: 69, with 18: 6 started.

Stanford (16-7, 5-5), who led 39-23 at the start of the second half, received 18 points from Tyrell Terry, 14 from Spencer Jones and 12 from Isaac White.