Step into Twinkle Khanna’s head!


Photo: Courtesy of Twinkle Khanna / Instagram

Thursday, April 23 Twinkle Khanna looked back to see how much she’s changed in the past two decades.

For reference, Ms. Funnbones gave insights from a Rediff chat – Your first internet chat experience in January 2000.

Then Twinkle decided that she really hadn’t changed that much.

The Rediff chat saw the then actress – now a bestselling author – in an honest, sparkling form when she answered questions from Reader.

And it’s fun to read what Twinkle thought at the time and how her life developed!

Excerpts from the Rediff chat with Twinkle KhannaPeople!

Jay: Who do you consider to be the sexiest man in the world 🙂 With whom would you not mind being left on an island?

Twinkle Khanna: Well, I don’t have a sexiest man. I have quite a few favorites like Sanjay Dutt, Brad Pitt, Aamir. I think three would be enough to liven up the desert island.

Bharatiisme: Who is your favorite among the Khans?

Twinkle Khanna: Working with them is completely different. I personally like to work with Aamir because he is a friend. It is also great to work with Shah Rukh.


Twinkle Khanna: As a child I learned how to make candles. My mother made it. Then, once I broke my leg and couldn’t really move, I started playing around with it … putting the scent in it and drying flowers and that’s it.

Twinks: Twinkle, how did you get the name Twinkle?

Twinkle Khanna: You won’t believe it, but my grandfather called me. And the choice fell between Sparkle, Sprinkle and Twinkle. THANKS GOD, you chose TWINKLE.

sweetgal: Do you understand yourself well among all actresses in this branch?

Twinkle Khanna: I am friends with Rani and Ash among the actresses.

BILD: Twinkle played the main role in Joru Ka Ghulam versus Govinda in 2000, the year this chat took place.

raghu: How much do you think your acting skills have improved since then? Barsaat?

Twinkle Khanna: When I was working BarsaatI had no idea what I was doing. The only reason it turned out to be okay was that Mr. Raj Santoshi is a very good director and knew how to work with newcomers. And now, although the director is still very important, I can hold my own even if he is not good.

Rishi: Twinks, where do you see yourself in ten years?

Twinkle Khanna: Hopefully in 10 years I’ll be sitting on a farm with two children, a dog and maybe a husband.

Michelle: Are you a typical Capricorn? Assertive and sensitive at the same time?

Twinkle Khanna: I don’t really believe in zodiac signs. But you are right that I am an ibex and that I am quite confident with the outside world.