STRATACACHE Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Hakuhodo DY Holdings to Drive Digital Transformation and Improve Retail Engagement Experience

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Dayton, Ohio. January 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – STRATACACHE, the world's leading provider of marketing technology solutions, today announced a strategic technology partnership with Hakuhodo DY Holdings, an established international marketing, advertising and communications company based in Japanto jointly develop innovative customer loyalty experiences, to influence buyer behavior and to drive digital transformation.

This partnership takes place in the midst of a retail development driven by changing consumer demands. More and more brands and retailers are recognizing the value of digital transformation and are using advanced marketing technologies to increase in-store sales.

The Hakuhodo DY Group's Digital Location Media Business Center offers marketing methods that reflect how "everyday life is changing through digitization and technology". The complementary marketing technology offer from STRATACACHE includes a complete suite of marketing technology hardware, software and services for scalable, personalized customer experiences. Via the platform for retail analysis operated by STRATACACHE, Walkbase, retailers can find out in detail about their customers' purchasing preferences and behaviors and thus enable personalized customer interactions.

The collaborative partnership offers a unique combination of the digital technology solutions from STRATACACHE and the marketing technologies from Hakuhodo DY Holdings. The groups will design, develop and test new consumer experience strategies and scalable transformative technology solutions to gain a competitive advantage in rethinking retail experiences and revolutionizing experimental retail. In addition, the two companies will explore new methods to improve the path to shopping marketing and develop first-class solutions for retailers, manufacturers and media companies.

Manish Kumar, Managing Director & SVP-APAC of STRATACACHE, said: "This collaboration fits our strategic regional growth plan, strengthens our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers and helps unlock the immense potential of Japan and the expansive APAC region. "

Chris RiegelSTRATACACHE, CEO of STRATACACHE, added: "At STRATACACHE we are entering into strategic partnerships to bring digital displays, sensors, mobile and emerging technologies to the market on a large scale. STRATACACHE is firmly convinced that technology innovation and added value for the customer experience are of great importance in business. This partnership with the robust marketing of the Hakuhodo DY Group and solid business networks makes our partnership a clear win-win situation. "

"Through this partnership, STRATACACHE is developing marketing and media skills and the extensive customer base of one of the largest integrated marketing solution companies in Japan, We have invested heavily in this Asia-Pacific Region that has grown both financially and technologically. We are proud to work with Hakuhodo DY Group to provide digital activation, personalized retail experiences and the power of in-store analytics to STRATACACHE's customer base. " Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.

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