Students spark Tom Brady, the rumor of the titans, after misidentifying Gisele Bundchen


The students sparked a widespread rumor that Tom Brady could leave New England for Tennessee after mistaking the wife of a Football Hall of Famer for Gisele Bundchen.

It has been speculated that Brady could sign with the Titans after Bundchen, Brady's wife, and Brazilian model reportedly attended the Montgomery Bell Academy, a prestigious prep school in Nashville.

The rumor spread quickly because it wasn't too far-fetched. Brady will join the free agency in March, and there's no guarantee he'll stay with the Patriots, with whom he won six Super Bowls in 20 seasons. Brady also played alongside current Titans coach Mike Vrabel, and the two are friends.

According to Nashville lawyer Blair Dunham, whose son is attending school, the rumor started when another student was told that he could not meet the director of shooting because the director met with a "Hall of Famer" (the 42- year old Brady) is a future Hall of Famer).

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen
Tom Brady and Gisele BundchenGetty Images

Then a tall blonde woman was seen attending school and the students immediately assumed that it was Bundchen who had blonde hair and was six feet tall, said Dunham on The George Plaster Show.

The woman was instead Landyn Hutchinson, the wife of former Titan offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson, who was elected to the Hall of Fame last week.

Aside from the bogus sights, it's unlikely that Brady will end up with the titans who knocked him out of the playoffs in the wildcard round. ESPN reported Tennessee is expected to stick to current quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The Raiders, who will start their first season in Las Vegas, have been speculated as the most likely candidate for Brady should he leave New England. The patriots are reportedly trying to stop Brady from disappearing as a free agent.