Super Bowl 2020 is overtaken by Kobe Bryant's grief


MIAMI – The show has to go on, it has to go on, in every district outside of Los Angeles, but the Kobe Bryant Story is a tragedy washed ashore on South Beach, a tsunami of grief that can even be seen and heard Through the pulsating music from the showy party, the NFL strives to throw hell or flood every year.

The relentless drum beating of the Super Bowl Week hype can't stop the grief, and not just because Kobe Bryant was a generation basketball icon, the Black Mamba, whose mentality on the pitch was admired, copied, and accepted by athletes of all sports ,

It is because he was a husband and a father and he leaves behind a wife and three of his four young daughters. Because his 13-year-old daughter Gianna was also killed in Calabasas, California on this Sikorsky S-76B helicopter on the way to their basketball game.

Suffering is impossible between Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, where it all started for Kobe, and LA, where # 24 became a five-ring champion that illuminated the City of Angels, who decided to darken and move the Lakers on Tuesday night -Clippers game.

It is more than likely that none of the men playing in Super Bowl 2020 can or will approach the size of Kobe Bryant's Hall of Fame. But all of them have families, and everyone has been reminded that all of this, the glory and fortune, and the camaraderie and unbridled joy, can be taken from you in an instant, a crazy, cruel moment – a terrible, unspeakable irony of fate ,

And so a role was played at the Super Bowl Opening Night at Marlins Park, a role that will continue until Super Bowl 2020 on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium, when these chiefs and 49ers play in the biggest game of them all, a game they do play I dreamed of playing since they were little boys.

Before the premiere of the NFL Super Bowl 2020, viewers take a minute's silence for Kobe Bryant
Before the premiere of the NFL Super Bowl 2020, viewers take a minute's silence for Kobe BryantAP

It's a game where they all too often have injured parts of the body that cry out for painkillers, parts of the body that sometimes need to be replaced so that they can run later in life, and that still sign up for sports because they know the insidious risk of CTE forced her to mourn the suicides of NFL brothers like Dave Duerson and Junior Seau.

If they're lucky, they can live to be over 41 years old.

They now know that Kobe Bryant doesn't want it, and the terrifying reality has shaken them and their own families.

Patrick Mahomes is 24 years old and he is the baby face of Super Bowl 2020. If there is someone Kobe would have loved to see on Sunday, it is Mahomes who can do a lot with soccer what Kobe could do with a basketball.

Mahomes tweeted: "One not Kobe … pray to his family and friends #RIPMamba."

Kobe was natural.

Mahomes is the natural.

Kobe was an assassin.

This is the game and the stage on which Mahomes can show the world how many assassins he has against a 49ers pass rusher who wants to pass him off as Clark Kent instead of Superman.

Head coach Andy Reid is the sentimental favorite of the Super Bowl because he has never won the Big One in a border career in the Hall of Fame. He also lost a far too young son, Garrett, at the age of 29 to a heroin overdose at the 2012 Eagles training camp. Reid's younger son, Britt, is a linebacker / external linebacker trainer.

There is no football coach at any level who did not want his players to play the way Kobe Bryant did every day of his life.

The teams that win Super Bowls are either the ones with the better quarterback and / or coach and the teams that play the hardest.

Super Bowl 2020 will be no different.

The 49ers and Chiefs should remember it as Super 2424.