Super Bowl 2020: Patrick Mahomes on the doorstep of the legendary company


MIAMI – He is the one we want to see, the one we can not lose sight of, The Natural of his sport, who can do things with a football that even the legends that came before him only dreamed of.

This is the time and the Hard Rock Stadium is the place where this pre-mature phenomenon conquers the Mahoment and begins its journey with kings because the future is now, because nobody is promised tomorrow, not even for him.

Yes, even Patrick Mahomes.

If he's everything we think he is, he'll let the Chiefs pass Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49s, and after 221 wins in 21 seasons, the agonizing 50-year Kansas City championship and his first Super Bowl Scratch title.

In any case, he's ready for this Game of Thrones Mahoment that was born 24 years ago for this stage. Like Joe Namath when he was 25 and shocked the world and the NFL Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, just like Tom Brady when he was 24 and shocked the world and the biggest show in the grass in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Joe Montana was 25 when he won the first of his four Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw was 26 when he won the first of his four Super Bowls. Troy Aikman was 26 when he won the first of his three Super Bowls.

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Michael Jordan, Patrick Mahomes and Joe NamathAP, Getty Images, NFL

At the age of 23, Ben Roethlisberger was the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl despite a miserable performance in the Super Bowl XL.

Kobe Bryant was 21 and won the first of his five NBA championships in his fourth season. Michael Jordan was 27 when he won the first of his six NBA championships.

Mahomes himself saw this precious Lombardi trophy in his dreams.

"You have to visualize it if you want to go out there and do it," said Mahomes.

The images that Magic Mahomes has provided so far are exhilarating – the no-look passes; throw the left-handers to avoid a strip bag; the out-of-balance sidearm missiles; the off-platform throws on the run; that runs itself; the 60-yard missiles with one hand.

"They understand that getting into the Super Bowl is difficult," said Mahomes. "But for me it's just about enjoying the moment. Of course I want to be back in my career, but I'll take this opportunity to know that it's a big one."

He knows that in every sport there are more than a few Hall of Fame Boy Wonders who did not conquer the Mahoment when they should be one of the darlings of fate.

Dan Marino was 23 years old and lost Super Bowl XIX to Montana in his second season. He spent the next 15 seasons coming back, and he wants it today.

A child prodigy named LeBron James was swept away by the Spurs in his first NBA final in 2007 and lost again four years later before winning his three rings.

John Elway, who was the Mahome in his day, lost his first Super Bowl to Phil Simms and the Giants in season four, then lost two more before finally winning the Lombardi Trophy twice in a row at 37 and 38 in the sunset ride down.

Shaquille O’Neal was 22 when he lost his first NBA final in 1995 before winning his four rings.

Namath was the rebel with a cause during the Vietnam era and never played in a second Super Bowl.

"Obviously, if you win a Super Bowl, it will be remembered for a long time, especially for Kansas City, but for me it's about having fun, enjoying it, seizing the opportunity, and understanding what a." It is a blessing to be here. "

Mahomes is loved by his teammates, however humble it may be, and he'll have a chance of being big if he just burns to be great. He admired the mindsets of LeBron, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

"And then guys like Mike Trout who have played at high levels throughout their careers and never settle for where they are. They always try to do better," said Mahomes.

Nobody should have expected Mahomes to have a restless night before Super Bowl 2020.

“Usually a couple of people on Saturday night, led by [fullback] Anthony Sherman, go into one of the rooms and we usually watch "Live PD" or a soccer game, whatever is going on, "said Mahomes." I'm just hanging out with the boys a little bit, building that connection, this brotherhood is definitely, I think, translates to the field. "

There will be no other place he wants to be.

"There is always pressure," said Mahomes, "but if you accept and understand it, you will always be able to go there and be who you are."

Be who you are, boy. Seize the Mahoment and start your way with kings.

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