Swope is the new district director for education, technology

<pre><pre>Swope is the new district director for education, technology

Technology director Amie Swope is the new director of education and technology. The newly defined position, which started on Wednesday, runs until July 31. Superintendent George Fisk said he made the decision based on Swope's experience, skills and talent.

The school board approved Fisk's recommendation during Tuesday's session.

"This is a position based on the person we have," he said to the board members. "It is not something that I would like to have as a blanket position (for the future)."

According to Fisk, technology and instructions are so closely linked that he sees no separation between them.

"The two go hand in hand," he added.

In April 2017, the board of directors commissioned Swope as technology director with a three-year contract that began on August 1 following. The graduate, born in 1987 in the Western Reserve High School, has been an English teacher at Norwalk High School since 1996. Swope, who grew up in Wakeman, also taught some social science courses.

Swope was a member of the district technology committee for 15 years. Around 1999, she was a pilot teacher for the 1: 1 program, in which students use laptop computers for teaching and homework.

Since Swope has a master's degree in curriculum, she is an ideal candidate for the new position, Fisk said. The superintendent also told board members that Swope was "a phenomenal teacher," highly valued for her organizational skills and efficiency, and recognized as a district technology director.

According to Fisk, Swope's new position essentially combines the roles of the curriculum leader, who has not been occupied since 2015, and the technology director.

"After studying the educational trends and crossing the two positions, I felt that the combination of positions was beneficial to the district," added Fisk. “This combines the two positions that support classroom teaching practices under one position. Ms. Swope has done a great job in our technology department and I look forward to the impact she can now have on our teaching practices and academic programming. "