Taimur Ali Khan Makes his Television Debut


So far he was the darling of social media and paparazzis. Now Taimur Ali Khan, by far the most popular two-year-old in Asia, has made his television debut on Indian prime-time television. It happened by accident on Wednesday when Saif Ali Khan was doing a live interview with Times Now about how his wife Kareena and he are coping with the enforced 21-day lockdown thanks to the coronavirus scare. Saif talked about having their little bundle of positive energy (Taimur) around is certainly helping them to cope and is on cue, Taimur suddenly walked into the interview.

He jumped into his father’s lap. The anchor on the other end, seeing the TRPs shoot up suddenly, nearly had a fit when she saw Taimur. Unfortuntely since Taimur couldn’t see the news anchor, he quickly grew bored and ran away from the camera after having unwittingly hijacked his father’s interview.Watch the interview here 

We hear this is the beginning of the phase 2 of Taimur’s exposure to the media. Says a close friend of  Kareena and Saif, “Taimur’s appearance  in Times Now was not planned. But they have numerous offers for family magazine covers, and combined interviews on television.”

We just hope Saif and Kareena would remain sensible about this and not allow Taimur to be interviewed on various media platforms. Saif and Kareena have always stated that they were not really comfortable with the unwanted attention that Taimur was getting in the media. Wherever he goes, the cameras follow him and every picture of the little one gets likes and hits. The little one is probably one of the few kids with their own fan pages! 

Recently Kareena posted on her instagram account how Taimur was helping his dad in gardening while they quarantined at home. Like other images, this pic too quickly went viral. 

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