Team Members

The team in Calvindude has been attracted as well as the notion of producing a nutritious package that produces news contents intended effectively with considerable editing and talent for accuracy. With a team composed of coworkers, story tellers, editors, and web site managers, we plan to make shift from the darkened industry like never before.

Calvin DudeCalvin, the founder of Calvindude News, His main focus is on reviewing and editing the content produced by our team of talented writers. In order to bring the latest and critical updates to the general public, Calvin launched this news website in 2019. He supports the platform by creating informative news articles based on multiple niche.

Jasika williams

Jasika williams may be your writer who’s responsible for the business news department in Calvindude. She is a firm graduate, with a knack for trend analysis and change calling. her distinctive skills set him apart from some business writers at the company, and oppose her an asset to all of us. Business news produces a profound effect on distributing all of the Wall-Street activity heading down in top small business houses, making the important points that will otherwise be inaccessible, offered to subscribers.

Nancy MariyaAfter working for 10 years as a Finance Adviser, Nancy now aims to explore the journalistic side of Finance & Investment. With her impeccable knowledge in this domain, she churns out some of the best news articles from the Stock Exchange, Finance, Investment, tax, insurance and order niche.


Laura DiDioLaura DiDio is just a savvy technology expert, and also a valuable member of our team at Calvindude. She keeps tabs on the news items concerning software & applications – that ones are yet to come out, those which are somewhat redundant, as well as the people that may blow your brain! She had been the first ever to receive hired with Calvindude.

David BlowerAfter being a professional journalist for 10 years and understanding the ups and downs of health care sector all over the world, David Blower shifted his focus to the digital world. Today, he works as a writer for Calvindude with a knack for covering general health news in the best possible format.

Peggy FoxPeggy Fox is actually a fervent journalist that recently united Calvindude for being a contributor. Her passion for traveling has helped her write down incredibly in depth travel stories and news from various areas of World.

Sharon KnolleSharon Knolle graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in the year 2005. She born and grown up in Toronto but later she moved to California for Studying. Sharon Knolle has written for several major topics like lifestyle, fashion, fun, Gossip & Entertainment. Grace is a community Reporter and also Covers National Topics.