Technology Readiness Assessment Guide: Technology Readiness Assessment Best Practices for Acquisition Programs and Projects

<pre><pre>Technology Readiness Assessment Guide: Technology Readiness Assessment Best Practices for Acquisition Programs and Projects

What GAO found

Relatively few federal authorities have guidelines for assessing the maturity level of a technology and its willingness to integrate into larger acquisition programs. Developing cutting-edge technology is critical to many of the government's most costly acquisitions, including new weapons, satellites, nuclear facilities, and homeland security systems. Technology Readiness Assessments (TRA) are used to assess the maturity of technologies and to determine whether these technologies are suitable for integration into a system so that they can go into production with minimal risk. Immature technologies have resulted in program delays and cost increases.

Why did GAO conduct this study?

The use of effective management practices and processes to assess the level of maturity of a technology and the manner in which this level of maturity has been demonstrated is fundamental to assessing the willingness of a technology to integrate into a system and is important in the Federal Government's most important acquisitions of risk controlled. The TRA Guide can help program managers, technology developers, and governing bodies across the federal government by providing them with a framework for a better understanding of technology maturity and for performing high-quality TRAs.

Specifically, the TRA Guide has two objectives: (1) to describe generally accepted best practices for performing high-quality TRAs of technology designed for systems or capture programs, and (2) to provide useful information to technology developers, program managers, and governing bodies for more effective information Maturing critical technologies, determining the readiness of a technology and managing and managing risks. In addition, regulators such as For example, those with department or agency officials or with government auditors can use the TRA Guide to assess whether the basic processes and best practices of effective TRA have been followed or whether the TRA has the characteristics (credibility, objectivity, reliability and usefulness) of reviews high quality.

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