Texans vs. Chiefs: preview, forecast what to look for


Costello's call

Patrick Mahomes will remind everyone how special he is and surpass Deshaun Watson in this case. Mahomes lights up the Texas defense to advance to the title game.

Chiefs 31, Texans 17

Marquee matchup

Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes versus Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson

Okay, technically, these two won't be on the field at the same time, except maybe because of the toss. Still, this is the matchup everyone will see. Both were designed at intervals from each other in 2017 – Mahomes No. 10 and Watson No. 12.

All they have done since then is to tear the league apart. Mahomes won MVP last year and followed with another outstanding season this year. Watson continued to look like the winner he won in college and made a remarkable comeback against the Bills last week.

"I think it's exciting for the league," said Texans coach Bill O & # 39; Brien. "I find it really exciting for the league when there are two guys who are just very exciting, dynamic players who are even better people than them."

4 depths

The rematch: These two teams met in week 6 and played an entertaining game. The leaders had a 14-point lead in the first quarter, but Deshaun Watson brought the Texans back to the 31:24 win.

Both teams have changed a lot since the game on October 13, but the chiefs may look different. Patrick Mahomes played this game with one ankle and two sales. Kansas City also lacked parts on both the offensive and the defensive.

J.J. Watts, Tyreek HillGetty Images (2)

"Frankly it's a blur," said Watson this week in the game. "We don't want to go under, especially not against such a great team." But at the end of the day we just keep pushing and fighting. We'll play the 60 minutes. We knew we had the team, we had the momentum, we had the boys on the sidelines who can come back and win this game, and we did it. "

Comeback kids:
The Texans demonstrated their ability to defend themselves against the Bills in last week's wildcard victory. The Texans won the 22:19 extra time with 16: 0. Houston leads the NFL with 15 comeback wins in the past two seasons. Deshaun Watson has led the Texans to eight comeback wins in the fourth quarter and ten wins in his career, three of which this year.

“You have to play four quarters of football. You know that, ”said head coach Andy Reid. "You have to do it during the season. If you look at the statistics of playoff games over the years, the difference between winning and losing is even less than in the regular season. "

Watt is on: The Texans' comeback began last week after superstar J.J. Watt. The game was the first on the defensive since he tore a chest muscle in October. Watt played most of the game and took the Texans with them.

"See if you J.J. Watts and what he has done over the years and what groundbreaking games he has made and what kind of leader he is, with what energy he approaches each day, how he practices, how he does – even if he is in rehab, the way he rehabilitated – he's really just an example for everyone, ”said Texan coach Bill O & # 39; Brien.

Arrowhead advantage? The chiefs play in one of the loudest and loudest stadiums in the NFL. So you think that's a big advantage in the playoffs, don't you? Well, the Chiefs have been 1-7 in the Arrowhead Stadium playoffs since 1994. The only win came in the division round last year when they defeated the Colts and suffered a six-game home loss in the postseason. However, the Chiefs never made it twice at home and lost to the Patriots in the AFC title game a week later.

The Chiefs took a 5-3 lead at home this season, including a loss to these Texans.