The 10 main WordPress themes for real estate agents and investors


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When you are creating a real estate website with a basic and ready-to-use WordPress content management system, one of the most important things you can invest in is a well-designed and easy-to-use WordPress theme.

Fortunately, there are MANY excellent WordPress themes available for those of us in the real estate industry. Whether you are an investor, real estate agent, broker, property manager, landlord or fill in the blank … there is likely to be a solid WordPress theme somewhere that can be adapted for your specific purpose.

The problem is that most real estate professionals are NOT professional web designers. We don't necessarily know what to look for in a big topic, and even if we knew, most of us have no idea where to find the best options in today's market.

With this in mind, I have taken some time to identify what I think are ten of the best qualified, most used and most flexible WordPress themes for real estate available today. These themes were selected based on five key criteria …

1. High ratings and comments
I have used some of these issues in the past, but not all. As there is no way I can get enough practical experience with all these options, I am putting great emphasis on the amount of high marks that each of these issues has received. Essentially, a topic cannot appear on this list unless it receives at least 4.5 out of 5 stars.

2. Updates in progress
Not all WordPress themes are created and backed by respected developers who continually release updates to keep their themes fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. While this type of continuous attention to detail is never guaranteed, the topics below come from markets and developers who are generally known for this type of continuous update of their products.

3. Detailed documentation and ease of use
If you are not too familiar with the inner workings of WordPress, it can be a real challenge to discover how to work with certain topics and have them display exactly the way you want.

Unfortunately, most WordPress themes (including payments) do not come with much (if any) individual support for your site to function properly. To the extent possible, this list contains topics that come with some clear instructions and (when possible) support.

4. SEO friendly
The choice of WordPress theme can have a big impact on the "SEO compatibility" of your website. The integrated search engine optimization features that come with a WordPress theme can definitely play an important role in your website's ability to be tracked and monitored by search engines. With this in mind, all these topics come with some element of the SEO functions on the site that can be used to improve the search capability of your websites.

5. Compatible add-ons
Part of what makes WordPress a great website platform is the fact that it can be integrated with add-ons. An add-on is a piece of software that can be used to extend functionality or add new useful features to your WordPress site.

Not all themes will be compatible with all add-ons. That is why it is important to choose a topic that can work with the add-ons that will boost the performance of your website to the level you need to serve your prospects and customers.