The 2019 election mandate has set the nation's course for the next 50 years


Lok Sabha's election results for 2019 are set. The incumbent government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has put down a colorful group of fragmented oppositions or whatever on behalf of the opposition. The entire nation rose to vote for development and prosperity together. I mainly see two pillars of great victory on a solid foundation that Dr. KB Hedgewar has laid.

I have to first deal with the question of why I am Dr. Address Hedgewar as the greatest visionary of the 20th century. As far as I know, the concept of Hindu unity never existed anywhere in the country, in the Sanatana scriptures, or in any kind of intellectualism. Hindus have been traumatized for centuries by invaders, then by our own people, who have been influenced by various ideologies that were invaded by invaders Land were smuggled.

As a young member of Congress, Dr. Hedgewar was deeply concerned when he found that no one, absolutely no one, had a tendency to worry about the safety of the Hindus, while they all hurried when non-Hindus were in the least trouble. He had many Congress hopes in this regard that were soon dashed, and Dr. Hedgewar left Congress in disgust. He decided to set up an organization to deal with the problem of human resource development and to build a well-organized, vibrant Hindu community characterized by Sanatana values ​​and nationalism.

The RSS was founded in 1925, although it took almost 80 years to reach a critical mass and a powerful voice. In the meantime, Congress has continued its anti-Hindu / anti-national policy, which is behind the tide of secularism / unity in diversity / inclusiveness, while plundering national wealth and preserving it abroad.

As a result of RSS's human revival activities, the masses across the country began to understand how they had previously been deceived and spotted on all fronts, and had to prepare to reverse their fate.

This finding is best illustrated by Smriti Irani, who exposed the complete lack of development in VIP constituencies such as Amethi, which the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty ruled for decades. The revelation turned out to be so pathetic that it amazed the nation. Suddenly, the unveiling took on a national dimension and people in the country realized that the whole country had been treated shabbily like Amethi / Rae Bareli for seven decades after 1947. Series recordings that were brought to a climax by Smriti Irani in Amethi form one of the two important pillars of the historical mandate.

When Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister of Gujarat, appeared on the political horizon of the nation and details of his outstanding work began to circulate, people began to yearn for it to be imitated at the national level. After overcoming all chances and entry barriers of the malicious opposition, he won the absolute majority in Lok Sabha in the 2014 elections after a break of three decades. With the absolute majority so achieved in Parliament, Narendra Modi undertook a massive flood of development projects to bring social justice to every nook and corner of the nation, regardless of the distance from New Delhi, to those who deserve it. which was completely empty from middlemen.

In fact, he had exceeded the rights of the Khan Market Gang and the Lutyens Looters when he was Prime Minister of Gujarat. The opposition firmly believed that the mandate for 2014 was a coincidence and hoped that voters in EVMs could press the Congress button and not see the right button, which, as in the 2004 Lok Sabha election, skyrocketed was driven. Prime Minister Modi's statements that "65% of the country's population are younger than 35" did not read, indicating the urgency of a paradigm shift in the necessary national perspectives. The opposition refused to adhere to it, insisted on the same old way of thinking as "Garibi Hatao" and ended up in a catastrophic election defeat.

Unfortunately, the mandate for 2019 turned out to be so crucial that they are now stunned and deeply shaken and worried about their existence. It is this thundering nature of the mandate that has undoubtedly been established, social justice has indeed been achieved in the right hands, many citizens have begun to dream of prosperity, development as the sole goal of politics and politics with impeccable integrity is indeed possible and reachable.

Given these historical developments, the massive mandate for the 2019 Lok Sabha election was certainly inevitable. If social justice and development are really guaranteed, vices like naxalism / marxism / anti-nationalism will gradually be forgotten. This choice is not only a harbinger of prosperity for everyone, but also the evolutionary transition to a new Bharat, whose forehead is smeared with sandalwood while the head is raised in self-respect, a newly defined nation, the Vedic wisdom with robotics, ancient art and culture connects with newer horizons, every citizen as the embodiment of a composite nation, justice for all and appeasement for none.

For the opposition, they don't seem talented enough to develop, loaded with very heavy luggage full of evil deeds. The nation now needs a bright, brand new opposition that may be really centrist in its ideological spirit and has impeccable nationalism and unassailable integrity. This will be a turning point in Bharatiya politics.

This mandate has already set the course of the nation for the next five decades.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are the personal views of the author and do not reflect the views of ZMCL.)