The 57-year-old seller of Wuhan shrimp has been identified as coronavirus COVID-19 (Patient Zero): reports

The 57-year-old seller of Wuhan shrimp has been identified as coronavirus COVID-19 (Patient Zero): reports


A shrimp seller in China’s Wuhan city, the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic of the coronavirus, was identified as one of the first victims of the deadly virus, which killed over 30,000 people worldwide, according to media reports.

57-year-old female coronavirus patient Zero, who fully recovered in January after months of treatment, said China could have checked the spread of the disease if she had acted earlier.

Wei Guixian, as identified by the Wall Street Journal, sold shrimp at the Huanan Seafood Market on December 10 when she caught a cold. Wei believed that she had the flu and went to a local clinic for treatment, where she was injected, Mirror UK reported. However, Wei continued to feel weak and went to the Eleventh Hospital in Wuhan a day later.

The feeling of lethargy persisted, and Wei visited one of the largest medical facilities in the region on December 16 – the Wuhan Union Hospital. At Union Hospital, Wei was told that her illness was “ruthless” and that many from the Huanan market had visited the hospital with appropriate symptoms.

Wei was quarantined at the end of December when doctors linked the development of the corona virus to the fish market, Der Spiegel quoted the Chinese news agency The Paper.

The paper article concluded that the new coronavirus is likely to be the fifth endemic coronavirus in humans. “Corona viruses clearly have the ability to cross species boundaries and adapt to new hosts, which will enable us to predict more corona viruses more directly in the future.”

Therefore, people need more research to formulate public health policies and manage the occurrence of similar viruses.

‘The Paper’ cited the results of an overview study by Professor Edward Holmes from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney and the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center from Professor Zhang Yongzhen from the School of Life Sciences at Fudan University published in the magazine ‘Cell’.

The so-called “live market” was closed indefinitely after the outbreak of the corona virus.

Wei recovered in January. COVID-19 patient Null believes she got the disease from a toilet she shared with meat vendors on the market. She said that several vendors trading nearby have also contracted Killer disease.

In a press release, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission confirmed that Wei was among the first 27 patients to test positive for COVID-19 and one of 24 cases that were directly related to the market.

Wei said the virus deaths could have been lower if the government “acted earlier”. Although Wei was identified as “patient zero,” he may not be the first person to contract coronavirus in China, the report said.

A study in the Lancet Medical Journal claims that the first person diagnosed with COVID-19 was identified on December 1.

The total number of deaths from the novel corona virus was 27,989 on Saturday. Over 605,220 infections were registered in 183 countries. According to official figures, Italy is worst affected with 9,134 deaths, followed by Spain with 5,690 and China with 3,295.

The United States has the highest number of infections with 104,837 cases. Other severely affected countries are Iran, France and the United Kingdom – where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the disease.