The 7 Best Health Benefits of Walking

Health Benefits of Walking

There are quite a number of ways to get yourself fit. You can spend hours at the gym, or go swimming, running or biking but nothing is as simple as walking. But is walking good for you? Time to find out.

Walking is not only about staying fit or weight loss, and there are many other benefits of walking everyday.

Apart from the help in shedding some pounds, walking calms you down and also, clears your thoughts. It’s easy, one of the best daily exercises and only 30 minutes a day can work wonders.

Here I list some of the best health benefits of walking for you –

Sheds the Extra Pounds
One of the top benefits of walking everyday is that it keeps your body in shape. Yes, you don’t need to sweat out in gyms. Just wake up early and walk… every day.

A research study by Harvard shows that walking for only half an hour a day keeps the obesity genes in control.

It’s high time to pick your running shoes again.

Keeps Blood Pressure in Check
The longer you walk, the more are the chances of staying free of diseases. And even ten minutes of walking every day is effective in lowering the blood pressure. It’s a great way to treat hypertension and also decreases the chance of heart diseases.

Walking increases blood circulation, reduces cholesterol and by maintaining a proper heart rate, it improves the overall health of the heart.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes
Walking daily is also beneficial for those having a sweet tooth. Walking increases the activity of insulin and thus, can aid in the treatment of diabetes. It also helps in effective utilization of insulin by your muscles and keeps the blood sugar levelled.

And by minimizing stress levels, walking also reduces cravings for chocolate.

Reduces Stress
When the workload is increasing, and you aren’t able to concentrate, you need a walk. Distraction is the best way to clear your mind, and a brisk 10-minute walk can lower stress levels.

Find yourself a garden or park and do nothing except walking. Just look through the surrounding and enjoy a few moments away from stress.

Boosts Immune System
Not only is walking beneficial for critical diseases but also controls those related to immunity. By making the immune system strong, walking keeps common problems like cold, cough and flu away.

The body takes its own sweet time but walking regularly for 15-20 minutes daily, lowers the chances of getting sick by about 40%.

Strengthens Memory
Walking also gives a boost to your brain. Our mental ability decreases as we age. Taking short walks daily, however, not only slows the decline but also boosts our memory power. Only 30 minutes daily can keep your memory evergreen for long.

Aids in making Balance
Weak muscles and balance loss is another problem we face as we grow. But regular walks can help strengthen the muscles of your lower body and thus, keep you upright. Walk up and down the stairs and go hiking while you still can.

Now that you know why walking is good for you, when will you start. Don’t plan, just do it.


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