The aftermath of trading in Red Sox-Dodgers Mookie Betts


LAS VEGAS – It's easier to win the baseball off-season than closing the deal in October, but the Dodgers won the first part by finally closing a trade to star outfielder Mookie Betts from Boston to Los Angeles pick up. Now for the difficult part.

The Yankees are still World Series favorites, according to William Hill Sportsbooks, and their path through the American League is now even easier, as the Red Sox have essentially missed a year of rebuilding.

"I'm shocked by this," said William Hill sports betting chief Nick Bogdanovich about the Betts deal. "It's not the Red Sox that we once knew would have a whole new look."

The Dodgers' status as contenders for the title is nothing new, but their chances on paper have improved. When the 2020 World Series odds opened on October 31, Houston was the 9/2 favorite, followed by the Yankees (5/1) and Dodgers (6/1).

The scandal-stricken Astros had given up on favorites on February 3 when the Yankees (3/1) rose to the top of the futures board, followed by the Dodgers (9/2) and then Houston (8/1 )).

Bet's move from AL East to NL West meant only a slight adjustment to the odds, as there was not much room for maneuver. While the Yankees remain the 3/1 favorites, the Dodgers are now 7/2, with the Astros' chances falling to 17/2 (+850). Meanwhile, Boston has dropped from 12/1 in late October to 25/1 in early February to 40/1 this week.

With jugs and catchers to be reported for spring training, the betting action suggests that the public is expecting a two-horse race to develop between the Dodgers and Yankees. Westgate SuperBook baseball betting provider Ed Salmons is more impressed by the horse with the blue saddlecloth.

Mookie Betts
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"The Dodgers are loaded with Betts," said Salmons. "It's scary to think how good the Dodgers could be this year."

At William Hill, the Dodgers' overall win in the regular season is up to 101 after opening at 98½. The Yankees' prize money opened at 101½ and is now 102½. The Astros set the best record (107-55) in the major leagues last year when the Dodgers won 106 games and the Yankees 103.

The Westgate made a unique prop bet on February 1st: Will the Yankees set the MLB season win record with 117 or more? The "Yes" page is +800, with "No" at -1,400.

Salmons said he believed the Dodgers who started throwing trumped the Yankees' rotation. The Red Sox also send seasoned left-hander David Price to LA, where he works with Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, Dustin May, Julio Urias, and Tony Gonsolin. While critics point to the bad success story of Kershaw and Price after the season, Buhler is the ace.

Betts, in its heyday of 27, was the AL MVP in 2018 when it won against 0.346 with 32 home runs. Last year he hit .295 with 29 homers. Betts & # 39; WAS second in the majors after 18.4 for Angels & # 39; Mike Trout.

"The Dodgers have a lot of pitching," said Salmons. "If the Dodgers had a weakness, they had too many lefties, so Betts is leveling out and he's a gold glove right-back."

The six best players in the Dodgers lineup are Betts, Max Muncy, Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, A.J. Pollock and Corey Seager – three right-handed and three left-handed. It is a balanced and scary attack.

One can argue convincingly that the top three baseball players are currently playing in Los Angeles – the Angels & # 39; Trout and the Dodgers & # 39; Betts and Bellinger. The Yankees' Aaron judge is also under discussion.

William Hill posted Judge, Trout and the Mets Pete Alonso as 10-1 favorites to win the title of major in the home run (Alonso won it last year at 53). Bellinger will be on December 1st. Listed next, and Bogdanovich said the Yankees-Giancarlo Stanton will move on 12/1. Violent betting campaigns.

The season's overall victories opened for the first time before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, with William Hill being the first book to publish the numbers. The bookmakers were not disappointed by the response.

"In the overall victory markets, baseball is the second most popular sport after football," said Salmons. "There's a big appetite for it."

Aside from the Dodgers and Yankees, Bogdanovich said most of the over-action has occurred with the Angels (85½), Oakland A (89½), Cincinnati Reds (83) and Chicago White Sox (84½). Under the Total was shown in the Red Sox (85 out of 89) and the Giants (68½ out of 71).

"I'm surprised at how much money we have for it," said Bogdanovich. "People bet and bet and bet."

Since Betts is blue, bets on the Dodgers are not expected to slow down soon. But the time to shop cheaply in LA is over.