The amazing truth about email marketing in 2018


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Hi everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and I'm here for another Q and Thursday, I'm here with Adam from

0:15 This is from Radoslav, and I basically wanted to ask you, is email marketing still working? He finds that it is difficult with Google filters to reach the inbox and people are simply not even checking their emails, so he is not even convinced that he should use email marketing with his agency.

0:30 First, every time a business operates, they need email. Yes, there is Slack, there is Skype, there are many other communication channels, but companies still revolve around email, and if companies still use it, you can bet that if you receive an email in your inbox and read it , can generate sales.

1:00 For that reason, emails don't disappear. Gmail ads are increasing in revenue, more and more people take advantage of Gmail ads just because they know that emails are powerful. So, the first part of your question is whether emails are valuable, yes. I know that was not what you answered directly, but the second part, which I will refer to is whether they continue to work, yes, because people still read emails.

1:50 GDPR has come out, and with GDPR, and I love it, you have to put a small checkbox that says: yes, I authorize you to send me weekly emails. That way, they know what they are getting into and they will find out that it increases their opening rates because people who click on that checkbox want their emails.

2:15 The second thing that most people don't tell you with email marketing is that you need to delete your list. If you have 100,000 email lists, and that is usually the threshold, once you reach 100,000, you will notice that the opening rates of your email start to decrease and it is because people do not clean their lists often enough, I I clean my list monthly. And some email providers do this as ConvertKit does this. I don't think MailChimp does this, but I think MailChimp wants you to keep paying money for inactive emails.

2:45 The whole purpose of cleaning emails is for people who don't open their emails and get involved, just stop sending them emails. And in doing so, yes, your email list is reduced, but what you will find is that the people you send the emails to increase, and Gmail and Outlook consider the commitment more than anyone and it is a really high priority, in case they will put the email in the inbox and if you are only sending emails to most of the people who open it and start to have 20-30% open rates, you will notice that your emails go to the inbox Entry instead of the Promotion Tabs.

4:00 Do not use email templates, use text-based emails and add links. You also don't want to add more than three links to your site; I try to only make one. If you add too many, you will notice that you will not see a surprising delivery capacity either.

4:15 Be sure to include your emails in the white list. Go to AOL, which are on the white list, you can use services such as Return Path. Outlook and Gmail do not make whitelist services. But if you follow these tips, you will be ready to start. And you will enter the inbox.

4:30 Be sure to try creative subject lines like the ones your friends would send, in lowercase, things like hey, did you see this, right? Of course, it must be relevant to your business or the offer you are producing, if you cheat people are going to get angry, I am giving you an extreme case so that you can try to make creative juices begin to flow and I get very good ideas . But it is not so difficult to enter the inbox.

5:50 Scrub your list, don't put too many links, don't add images and videos, and just send to people who love them.

6:00 If you like the content we are giving, leave a comment, ask a question, we can answer it in the video of questions and answers on Thursday of next week, or I will answer your comment no matter what. Thanks for watching, let other people know about the video. I thank you for watching and taking the free time of your day.