The artist C Krishnaswamy uses art and performance to explore mythology and human existence

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Ashvita's gallery space looks sparse. All shades of gray flow out of the room lined with glass windows – with the exception of some steel structures and minimalist canvases. The latter form a series entitled "Mutual Proximity", each of which represents a single light or lighting beam that is rendered in a linear manner against chaotic blue-black and brown-black backdrops.

The work of the artist and performance artist C Krishnaswamy is primarily a search: there are no right or wrong answers for him, every work is born of intuition. For this reason, abstraction is its strength, as can be seen in this display entitled Primordial Universe – the steel structures (which remind me of stick figures) with their various poses are unobtrusive and inspired by shelves.

Imitating life …

Krishnaswamy's lived experience can most often be transferred to his canvas.

As a performance artist who is known for choosing unconventional spaces, his travels with art and performance are mutually exclusive.

He comes from a village called Chinnasalem, where a temple festival is held every two years The Mahabharata, People disguise themselves as gods and goddesses to say prayers. As a child, this ritual fascinated Krishnaswamy and the opportunities to be one with an intangible concept stuck to him.

Mutual closeness, one of the works

Sanjana Srinivasan, curator of the show, says: “He always had a tendency to become one with his work. This is also reflected in his achievements. "

The artist humbly answers with a smile: “I believe in the shape of the disguise. I think everyone is dressed up; The true nature of a person is not known. "

In his performance Kundalini Rising, for example, he practices yoga on a painted canvas, while in another performance he cooks rice for the souls of the deceased in a crematorium and later smears it with it. Krishnaswamy explores the transience of a physical form. And as he explores this, his native experiences emerge. One of them is a penchant for mythology. He remembers that when he was four, he heard the episode of the birth of the Dharma every night from 8:00 p.m. to midnight during the festival.

“Although his ideas are very contemporary, most of his paintings and sculptures have elements that go back to something very personal. And how he can translate that into his own language, ”says Sanjana, adding that the material used in the sculptures is, for example, a homage to his family's job. (They are ship dealers.)

“Whatever he wants to know seems to be avoiding him. That's why he feels that everything is disguised, ”continues Sanjana. The artist takes over. “Only the body is material, and we know that through age. Somehow an intangible thought works in us at all times, ”he says.

The artist C Krishnaswamy uses art and performance to explore mythology and human existence

His relationship to the practice of yoga is also part of this search. He believes that there are an infinite number of layers in us. "Every day I look at my own work and see something else," says Krishnaswamy.

Liberation is another aspect that he wants to achieve through his work. Sanjana agrees and says that Krishnaswamy remains on his appeal until he is satisfied. Because of this, many of his appearances go on for hours regardless of whether people are on the way out or distracted. He holds out until he knows he's done. This may be relief for him.

The Uruniverse is with Ashvita, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. It is open to everyone.