The bar owner removes $ 3,714 from the walls and donates to employees


Some American bars literally put their money in their decor. A kitschy trend for restaurants and bars is to cover their walls with dollar bills, and a facility in Georgia is now grateful that they did so. The sandbar on Tybee Island was once covered with floor-to-ceiling bills, but at this unprecedented time when it was The staff is unemployedthe owner decided Use the money well.

Bar owner Jennifer Knox has taken every last dollar bill and will donate the money to her employees during the coronavirus pandemic that many companies, including their own, have closed. “We literally had money on the walls and time,” Knox told CBS subsidiary WTOC-TV. “There was no more perfect time to give something back to my people.”

Jennifer Knox decided to “renovate” her bar and remove the dollar bills on the walls and ceiling to donate to her employees who were unemployed during that time.

The sandbar

Customer bills have been covering the walls of the sandbar for six years, but in late March Knox decided it was time for a “renovation.” She posted a photo on Facebook where an employee carefully removed the money. “The sandbar will get a fresh new look and give something back at the same time!” Knox wrote.

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She called it a “love job” and asked customers to guess how much money was pinned to the walls over the years. It took three days to remove all of the bills, and in the end Knox had a total of $ 3,714 to give to the bar’s bartenders and musicians.

“It’s just home to a lot of people,” Knox said of her bar. “We have a pub church here, a sign class here. A lot of great things that bring the community together.”

Some of the invoices were written by customers who wanted to mark an anniversary or special occasion that they celebrated during their visit. “Everyone is a message of love, and now we can return that love,” Pam Hessler, Knox’s mother, told WTOC-TV.

After Knox’s donation to her employees became known, fans of The Sand Bar also wanted to help. Almost 400 people have donated, and now the money pot has grown to a total of $ 4,104.

Each employee now receives approximately $ 600. “Oh my God!” Employee Lydia Clark said. “That’ll pay my rent.”