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The beginner's guide to content marketing in 2020 | Content marketing remains one of the most economical and effective ways to attract specific visitors to your website on a regular basis, and according to HubSpot, marketing specialists would prioritize blogs after it is our "thirteen x" most likely to see A positive ROY. Today, I'm going to break down the guide for content marketing beginners in 2020.

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Step one: Define your goals. What is your niche? What kind of content are you looking to create? What do you want to do with your content? If you don't understand the type of content you want to create, it won't do a good job. Everyone thinks it's just your audience, but you're the one who creates and writes it. If you don't write content that you love, that you love; It won't look like great content and it won't do well. So first you must find out, what do you want to write about what you think people want to hear?

And that brings me to the second tip. You need to investigate your audience. You need to create audience characters. What questions does your audience ask? What problems do you have that you can help solve? How can you provide them with value? And knowing this, make sure that none of you write content that you like, but also that other people want to listen, which will also help you get a higher rank.

Tip number three. Do your keyword research, and this comes in, fun enough, until the last tip I just gave. Already in UberSuggest, UberSuggest also has a great list of keywords you could search. This will show you what is popular in your space, what is not. But you don't just want to go after popular keywords, you want to go after keywords that have high content.

The fourth advice I have for you is content ideation. You must create themes that suit your audience. Look what your competitors write. You can put your URL in UberSuggest, click on the main pages and that will show you everything your competitors are writing. Or if you want to see it based on a keyword, go to UberSuggest, go to the content ideas report; Enter a keyword, it will show you what is fashionable in your space. You can also do the same with BuzzSumo, it's just a paid tool, UberSuggest you can do it for free. Um, or you can do the same with AnswerThePublic, which is also a payment tool.

The fifth thing I want you to do is create content that suits voice search. It is estimated that approximately fifty percent of searches are voice searches, according to ComScore. So I want you to use the structure data markup, and when you do this on your website, it will help you get into the rich snippets. When you enter the rich snippets, it also helps Google get its listings, its result; For voice searches that way, your brand is leaving and you can continue to receive more traffic.

The sixth thing to do is create videos and visual content. It is no secret that the narration of visual content videos is taking over the web. From Instagram to Facebook and YouTube, everything is very popular. And if you don't want to make videos, you can also try the podcast or you can even try info graphics; It's a way you can use images to tell the story and that also works very well.

The seventh tip I have for you is to take advantage of social networks. If you are not taking advantage of social networks, your brands will not come to light. Many people tell me "Neil, my reach is dying continuously, why shouldn't I be on social media?" Either way, whether your reach is dying or not, these sites are very popular.

The eighth tip I have for you, follow the EAT formula. EAT stands for experience, authority and trust. Google ended up releasing a medical update a while ago. In which, they do not want people to write about content for which they are not credible. For example, I am a seller, if I start writing about health, and when you have a fever and you get sick; Should you go to a hospital or not?

Last but not least, create backlinks. If you don't know how to create backlinks, the easiest way is to go to UberSuggest, enter the URL of any of your competitors, click on the backlinks report; You will see all your pages that have a lot of backlinks, which links to them.

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