<pre><pre>The "best job in America" ​​for 2020 pays $ 105,000 a year - and you've probably never heard of it

Are you looking for a six-figure job that will make you happy in 2020 but also increase demand?

Front-end engineers had an average overall satisfaction rating of 3.9 on Glassdoor, making them the number 1 job ranking for 2020 in terms of job satisfaction, salary and job vacancies. They develop the code that improves the customer or user experience and essentially build, install, and test the elements of a website's user interface.

With unemployment at a 50-year low, there are more jobs available that offer people meaningful, sought-after jobs that pay off and offer opportunities for advancement. The labor market is likely to be less robust in 2020: the United States created 145,000 jobs in December as employment slows and wage growth slows.

Why did front-end engineers top the list? Amanda Stansell, Glassdoor’s Senior Economic Research Analyst, said there is more competition between tech and non-tech companies for these roles. Google

phonetic -0.58%.



and Microsoft

MSFT, -0.70%

They typically hire front-end engineers, but are increasingly in demand from companies that rely on a website to do business.

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The “Best Jobs in America in 2020” ranking put Java developers in second place, followed by data scientist (previously number one), product manager and development engineer (for monitoring code releases and testing new programs). , Data Engineer, Software Engineer, Language Pathologist, Strategy Manager and Business Development Manager.

"Due to the tough competition to recruit and retain this talent, more and more companies are investing in the experience of their employees at work," said Stansell. "As these companies want to develop and maintain their online experience for customers, they are ready to offer competitive benefits and discounts so that technical staff, including front-end engineers, are satisfied with their day-to-day tasks."

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According to data from the Bank of America's Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages today make up less than three-quarters of total employee compensation

BAC, + 0.74%

Merrill Lynch. In the meantime, more and more companies are offering “wellness programs” with which employees can improve their fitness and health.

In its own research, Glassdoor has previously looked at benefits that lead to increased employee satisfaction. The analysis found occupational health insurance to be the number 1 benefit, followed by generous paid vacation and paid leave, pension plans, 401 (k) plans, retirement plans, dental insurance, and maternity and paternity leave.

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Access to career opportunities in the workplace is, according to Glassdoor, one of the strongest indicators of employee satisfaction based on millions of reviews left on Glassdoor. According to the website, the areas of technology, finance, healthcare and marketing have strong career paths.

For those looking for a six-digit job with no experience, Jeff Gillis and Mike Simpson, who run the TheInterviewGuys.com career and resume advice site, took first place. You have analyzed the job requirements of the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, which contains information on factors such as physical requirements and cognitive requirements.

Approximately 64% of pharmacist professions do not require work experience in this area and average $ 126,000 a year, more than double the national average. According to analysis by Gillis and Simpson and the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60% of nurses with an average salary of $ 114,000 a year also do not need work experience. (Some of these jobs may still have educational needs.)

Here are the top 5 jobs on Glassdoor:

1. Front end engineer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of vacancies: 13,122

Average base salary: $ 105,240

2. Java developer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of vacancies: 16,136

Average base salary: $ 105,240

3. Data Scientist

Job satisfaction rating: 4.0

Number of vacancies: 6,542

Average base salary: $ 105,240

4. Product manager

Assessment of job satisfaction: 3.8

Number of vacancies: 12,173

Average base salary: $ 105,240

5. Developer

Job satisfaction rating: 3.9

Number of vacancies: 6,603

Average base salary: $ 107,310